Pettigrew Findings

I have been doing searches on my mother's name Pettigrew on Scots Origins, Scotland's People and the Mormons' Familysearch on the Internet and this is the current state of play at 11 January 2007. I have been helped by my cousins Joanne Komar of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland and Colin Pettigrew of Tauranga, New Zealand. I have added information from my cousins Betty Thomson, Margaret Martin, Maisie Pettigrew, Irene Axford, Nick Rice, Debbie Robertson, Sharon Murray, Liz Macdonald Davis and Robert Struthers together with that from Colin Pettigrew's book Pettigrew Families.

My mother, Catherine McDonald Pettigrew, was born 8 July 1908 at Malcolmwood, High Blantyre, registered in the Parish of Cambuslang, Lanarkshire. She married my father, William Clark, in 1938 and the Clark family is documented in the Clark Kin.

There are over 40 Parishes in the County of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and I have looked at those in the neighbourhood of Blantyre Parish.

I am a member of Lanarkshire Family History Society.

Miscellaneous Notes by Harry Watson

Dear Douglas Clark,

I am a keen amateur genealogist, and in an idle moment I googled one of my family names, Petticrew/-grew, and discovered your website. I have copied and pasted for your interest a little document I drew up for my own amusement some time ago, summarising my Petticrew researches to date. The early part is about my own family - in hopes that our two sons might take an interest in the family-tree one day! - but the latter part is about the name Petticrew in Scotland generally.

My great-great-grandmother Agnes Petticrew came from the County Down in Northern Ireland, where Petticrew is still a common name. Indeed, it was an Ulster genealogist called Joan Petticrew from Lisburn who helped me in my initial researches. Her late husband was a farmer called Robert Petticrew from Boardmills in Co. Down, and she believes that all the Ulster Petticrews are related. She also has a website now, although when I used her services she was writing to me longhand in an indecipherable scrawl. I wrote an article about my researches which was published in the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild journal FAMILIA in 1988, and it has brought me in a lot of correspondence over the years.

Anyway, the Ulster Petticrews were mostly Presbyterians and therefore presumably of west of Scotland stock. The earliest mention of the name anywhere in the British Isles that I have found was in the Monklands area of Lanarkshire, although the surname was also fairly common in Ayrshire and Arran.

Best wishes,

Harry D. Watson

Miscellaneous notes on the surname PETTICREW/PETTIGREW (and variants, e.g. Pettecruf, etc.).

The name appears to be French, from 'petit cru', = 'small growth', hence ? a nickname for a small person, or ? for a very tall person. Cf. in English, calling a small person Lofty or a tall one Titch. So, was the first PETTICREW a French-speaking Norman or Fleming or Breton immigrant?

The earliest occurrence of the name anywhere in Great Britain is in the Scottish 'Ragman Rolls' of 1296, the list of some 2,000 Scots who swore allegiance to King Edward I of England. One of them was 'Thomas PETYKREU ... del counte de Lanark', i.e. of the county of Lanark.

From this time onwards, the surname is found in the Old Monklands area of Lanarkshire, ie. modern Coatbridge and Airdrie. An Archibald PETTIGREW is recorded at Monkland in 1493. By the 1500s, there were also PETTIGREWS in Glasgow (esp. Shettleston), then in Ayrshire and on the island of Arran, off the Ayrshire coast.

The PETTIGREWS are often linked to, or named in conjunction with, the HAMILTONS, an Anglo-Norman family who became major landowners in Lanarkshire and gave their name to the town of Hamilton. Did their ancestor perhaps arrive in Lanarkshire from England, as a follower of the Hamiltons? See Lt.. Col. George Hamilton A History of the House of Hamilton (1933) (National Library of Scotland, open shelves, Gen.8.H):-

- Thomas PETTIGREW, Lyon King at Arms (the senior Scottish herald), married Katherine Hamilton, sister of Patrick Hamilton, the first Scottish Protestant martyr, burnt at the stake in St. Andrews in 1528. Katherine and Patrick were niece and nephew of the Earl of Arran and great-grandchildren of King James II. Thomas had a liferent charter of Dundonald in Ayrshire.

- John PETTIGREW of 'Auldtoun' married Margaret Hamilton of Dalzell (modern Motherwell) before 1673.

- Thomas PETTIGREW of Nether Coitts (Coatbridge area) married Margaret or Marion Hamilton of Woodhall.

- In 1655 Thomas PETTICREW is recorded in the Register of the Great Seal as a portioner (i.e. small landowner) in Shettleston, where most of the land belonged to James Hamilton of Torrens.

One of the 2 main 'planters' who brought Scottish settlers across to Co. Down in the early 1600s was a James Hamilton from Ayrshire. He acquired land at Killyleagh, Co. Down, where several families of PETTICREWS are later recorded. A Gawn PETTICREW and Rachel McCormick were married at Killyleagh in 1706, and had 13 children there between 1707 and 1732, including an Archibald in 1712.

Cf. FAMILIA (Ulster Genealogical Guild) No.20, 2004, article by Alison Muir mentions John and William PETTYCREW, paper-makers at Ballymena, Co. Antrim, in the 1730s-40s.

Many older Scottish record sources mention PETTICREWS, e.g.

The Acta Conc., vol.II, 20, mentions a Gawn Hamilton (a name later found in Co. Down) who takes out an action on behalf of (his servant?) Richard PETTIGREW of Monkland against the man who had attacked him.

The Glasgow Protocol Books of the 1500s record property transactions involving PETTICREWS in the city. The name also occurs in the Glasgow Diocesan Register.

The Master of Works Accounts, which details work carried out on royal castles and palaces, mentions PETTIGREWS who were masons at Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle.

The Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, a masonic work, mentions a James PETICRUFF who was 'responsible for the sufficiencie of the morcloath' (i.e. the mortcloth which was placed over the coffin of a deceased member of the trade).

The Register of the Privy Seal mentions a priest called Sir James PETTIGREW who had his 4 illegitimate sons legitimised around the time of the Reformation. They were 2 Johns (by different mothers?), an Alexander and a Matthew (interestingly, a Matthew PETTIGREW was born in 1707 at Killyleagh, Co. Down, to Gawn PETTIGREW and Rachel McCormick (see above).

This may be the same Sir James PETTIGREW mentioned in Acta Conc. Public Affairs as being in charge of Scotland's mines. He was accused of forgery.

The Fraser Papers (Scottish History Society, 3rd series, vol.5) contains an Obligation by Certain Inhabitants of Arran 1639, expressing their willingness to provide men for army levies as befits good Covenanters. Every 4th man is to go to the Borders or Kintyre as required by the Earl of Argyll. Many Hamiltons, Stewarts and Fullartons are mentioned, also 2 James PETTECREWS, 1 John PETTECREW and 1 Alexander PETTECREW.

The Initial Details

Edinburgh: James Petticrew, writter [lawyer], married Geils Moncrieff 24 June 1658

James Petticrew was of Souterhouse, Lanarkshire, and his children must have come from a previous marriage. According to Pat Pettigrew of Texas, James [born 1613 in France, says Piglet's dubious Genealogy Pages] was son of James and brother of John. He went to Ireland. The Traditional History of the Pettigrews lodged in the University of North Carolina documents this family which is supposed to have come from France. These Irish Pettigrews were with King William at the Battle of the Boyne and were granted land in County Tyrone on which they built Crilly House. Our family legend is of three brothers coming from France, one who went to Ireland. They are thought to have gone from Picardy to Cornwall.

David I, King of Scotland from 1124 to 1153, Earl of Huntingdon, was impressed by the Normans he encountered when he visited England, and invited Norman families from the South West of England to emigrate to the Kingdom of Scotland. It is thought that the Pettigrews were one of them. The name Pettigrew has existed in Cornwall since Norman times. The famous Norman-Scottish family the Balliols came from Picardy.

It is probable that our Pettigrew family were peasants working the land of the Pettigrew family who took the Pettigrew name for their own. Serfs had mostly gone from Scotland by 1400. There are no Pettigrew stones in High Blantyre Auld Kirk graveyard supporting the presumption that they were peasants. Malcolmwood Farm can be viewed on the Web as it has become Blantyre Boarding Kennels.


            John Pettegrooe married Elisabeth Rabbe 28 March 1660
            John Pettegroo christened 24 February 1661
            Margaret Pitticrew christened 27 May 1663
                [John Petticrew/Elspet Rabbe parents]
                    (IGI, not in Scots Origins)
            James Peticrue christened 23 April 1671
                [John Peticrue/Elspit Rob parents]
            Margaret Petecru married James Darumpl 19 May 1677

Our Pettigrew Family

The above haven't been connected to our family of Pettigrews which begins with Alexander Pettigrew, shoe maker in ? [I can't read the writing on the certificates], father of

            John Petigrew 10 September 1699
            James Petigrew       - 1701
            Alexander Pettigrew 25 June 1704
            William Pettigrew 24 March 1706
            Thomas Pettigrew 2 May 1708

            all Cambuslang Parish, and

            Janet Pettigrew 26 February 1710
            Elizabeth Pettigrew 30 March 1712

            Blantyre Parish

Alexander Pettigrew, shoe maker in Barnhill (Barnhill is a hamlet just north of Blantyre) was father in Blantyre Parish to

            Elizabeth Petticrew 2 March 1729

[John Pettigrew married Ann Pollock in Cambuslang 2 July 1727 and had children in East Kilbride: 23 May 1736 John Pettigrew (Anna Pollock), 17 December 1738 James Pettigrew (Ann Pollock), 25 July 1742 Ann Petecrue, and 16 March 1746 Margaret Pitecrew. There was also a daughter Christian Pettigrew born to John Pettigrew and Sara Dyat 12 June 1726 in East Kilbride (In Scots Origins). There may have been more than one John Pettigrew. An Isobel Pettigrew 13 August 1733 and a Robert Pettigrew 26 August 1733 were christened in Cambuslang to John Pettigrews.

There were no Pettigrews in Carmunnock until John Petticrue married Janet Huchison 13 June 1764 and had children John Petticrue 10 June 1765 and Robert Petticrues 10 May 1767 and 2 July 1769. The first Robert Petticrue must have died.

In Hamilton we have only marriages, James Petticruisse to Bessie Speir 18 June 1665, James Petticrue to Catharine Clerk 5 March 1671, until James Petticroove married Marion Walker 31 August 1710 and had children James Petticroove 31 August 1710 and Thomas Petticroove 27 July 1712. After that there are only the marriages of William Petecrew to Christian Baillie 24 January 1721 and Alexander Pettygrew to Christian Barrie 22 January 1769.

In Glasgow there were 22 Pettigrew marriages from 1633 to 1680.

There were 96 Pettigrew christenings in Old Monkland from 1696 to 1768.

In Rutherglen Margaret Pettigrew married Robert Hamiltone 13 November 1713.

In Bothwell a female Paticrue married John Black 18 June 1693. Then Robert Petticrew married Mary Scott 7 November 1701, Joniet Petticre married James Freebair 14 December 1701, John Petticroe married Agnes Edie 30 August 1702, John Petticroe married Margaret Weir 15 November 1702, Margaret Petticroe married Alexander Hamilton 22 November 1702. John Petticroe and Margaret Weir had children Janet Peatcrewe 3 September 1703 and Christian Pettigrew 16 October 1709 (female). William Petcreow and Mearien G. had a child Matheow Petcreow in 1704.

And in Bothwell John Peticrue was born to William Petticrue and Christian Bailiff 2 April 1721 and Agnes Petegrew to William Petegrew and Janet Muckle 30 March 1729. Between 1746 and 1770 children were born to Robert Petigrew, Richard Pettigrew, James Petticrew and William Pettigrew. There were marriages of Margaret Pettigrew, William Petticrew, John Petticrew and Janet Petticrew.

There was the family of a William Pettigrew in Cambuslang in the 1730s. He married Jannet Alexander in East Kilbride 23 May 1729 and had children christened in Cambuslang: Margaret Pettegrue 19 July 1731 and Alexander Pettigrew 4 June 1732 (IGI, only the marriage in 1729 is in Scots Origins)]

Alexander Pettigrew, shoe maker in Barnhill, married Janet Corsbie July 1735/30 May 1736 (two entries) in Cambuslang Parish and had a son in Blantyre Parish

            Alexander Petticrew 10 February 1738

[At this time in Cambuslang there were families of James Pettigrew, John Pettigrew, William Petticrew, Alexander Petticrew and Alexander Pettecrue. {The Blantyre Alexander Pettigrew and the Cambuslang Alexander Petticrew could well be the same man. Of course there may only be one Cambuslang Alexander.} Children of the Cambuslang Alexanders were

            Janet Petticrew 10 April 1737
            Jane Petticrew 9 January 1739
                  - Petticrew 4 August 1740
            Annabella Pettigrew 18 August 1743
            Alexander Petticrew 31 August 1746
            Christian Pettigrew 28 July 1748 (female)
            Agnes Pettecre 6 January 1751
            Alexander Pettecrue 23 September 1753
            Mary Pettecrue 11 March 1756

and Alexander Pettecrues were married in 1762 and 1764 with births

            Janet Pettecrue 20 February 1765
            Alexander Peticrew 10 July 1772

James Pettigrew was father in Blantyre Parish of James Petticrew 18 February 1753, John Pettigrew 23 January 1757 and Janet Pettigrew 15 April 1759, John Pettigrew was father in Blantyre Parish of John Pettigrew 2 April 1759.]

shoe maker. He was father in Blantyre Parish of

            Alexander Pettigrew 25 July 1762
            Jean Petticrew 4 November 1764
            William Pettigrew 22 March 1767
            William Pettigrew 15 May 1768
            Elizabeth Pettigrew 29 April 1770
            Janet Pettigrew 28 November 1773
            John Pettigrew 28 April 1776
            Isobel Pettigrew 30 August 1778
            James Pettigrew 16 May 1780

The first William must have died.

The Dysholm Pettigrews

William Pettigrew, a master carter, married Jean Pollock 25 January 1800, [Jane Pollock's, christened 11 July 1782, parents were Robert Pollock, the Blantyre blacksmith, and Jane Maxwell. William and Jane lived in the Dysholm (a corruption of Davisholm) cottage on the boundary of Blantyre and Cambuslang parishes, on the banks of the Rotten Calder river. A Jane Pettigrew wrote a poem Dyesholm at Malcolmwood in 1865. Dysholm and Malcolmwood are across the river from the Barnhill hamlet. The Census does not show Pettigrews living in the Malcolmwood (a corruption of Milcolmwood) farm until 1861. The 1841 and 1851 Censuses have the Pettigrews in Dysholm (called Dyesholm). Dysholm became derelict and was eventually ceremonially burnt down in the winter of 1903/4. Beside it was Queen Mary's Well where Mary Queen of Scots watered her horse before the Battle of Bothwell Brig. Jane's death is recorded in Cambuslang from dysentry at 10 January 1860 aged 77.] was father, as a farmer in Barnhill, of

            Alexander Pettigrew 18 January 1801
            Jean Pettigrew 21 April/19 July 1805
            Robert Pettegrew 3 May 1807

all presumably born at Dysholm. Alexander and Jean are living at Dysholm with their mother Jean in the 1841 and 1851 censuses but there is no trace of their deaths in the records after 1855.

[John Pettigrew, married Janet Benny 9 December 1804, was father of

            Margaret Pettigrew 19/23 July 1805
            Alexander Pettigrew 26 March 1807
            William Pettigrew 2 April 1809
                [John Pettigrew/Janet Binning parents]

            William Pettegrew 12 February 1818
            Jane Pettegrew 17 August 1820
            Thomas Pettigrew 3 March 1822
            Elisabeth Pettigrew 13 January 1824
                [John Pettigrew/Helen Barrie parents]

Was this the same John Pettigrew? I dont think so!

All in Blantyre Parish]

In Paisley Parish (Renfrew) Robert Pettegrew, stillman, who had presumably gone to work in Yoker, and Susan McDougall, who married 21 June 1830 at New or East Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, were parents of [Susan McDougall's birth was registered in Renfrew 24 September 1808 and her parents were John McDougall and Susanna McMillan. Robert's death was recorded as 10 July 1877 as a pauper in 18 Tureen Street, Calton, Glasgow. The Pettigrews moved up the hill from Dysholm to the Malcolmwood farm around 1860.]

            William Pettegrew 9 February 1832
            John Pettegrew 10 March 1833

born in Paisley (Renfrew), and in Barnhill at Blantyre (Lanark) they were parents of

            Jean Pettegrew 18 January 1836

[In Dundee (Angus) William McDougal and Anne Martin were parents of Susan McDougal 12 January 1805 according to Scots Origins]

Eighteen Robert Pettigrews married in Scotland between 1836 and 1850. John Pettigrew, and his brother William, are listed at Davisholm (Dysholm) in the 1841 census but only William is listed in the 1851 census at Davisholm. Jean is not in either, neither are Robert or Susan.

[There were various Pettigrews in Blantyre over the 19th century, with William Pettigrew and Janet Gemmill having Janet Pettigrew 4 August 1840, culminating in the marriages of John Pettigrew and Maggie McWilliam 1885, and Robert Pettigrew and Jessie Highgate 1890.]

The Malcolmwood Pettigrews

William Pettigrew, farm servant, married Betsy Imrie, domestic servant at Millheugh House, Blantyre, at Auchterarder (Perthshire), where her family came from, on 24 December 1858.

Her mother Euphemia (20 March 1808) was the youngest daughter of linen weaver John Imrie and Janet Murray. Euphemia had sisters Ann (29 September 1793), Janet (29 November 1795), Elizabeth Drummond (12 August 1799), Lilias (4 October 1801), Catharine (8 May 1803), Jean (16 February 1806). Her woollen weaver brother Ebenezer Imrie (24 December 1797) and Isabella Eadie had a family in Auchterarder: Ann (22 December 1822), John (13 March 1825), Ebenezer (4 February 1827), Janet (18 February 1829), Peter (12 June 1831), Catharine (13 December 1835), Catharine (13 May 1838), Mary (19 July 1840), and twins Peter and James (15 May 1842). Isabella Imrie died 12 July 1864 at Townhead, Auchterarder, of typhoid fever, aged 57. Her parents were Malcolm Eadie and Ann McLeish. Her husband Ebenezer was then a journeyman mason. Ebenezer Imrie died 10 February 1874 in Auchterarder of hepatic disease, aged 76.

John Imrie and Janet Murray had another son John, born 1789. The unmarried siblings John Imrie and Elizabeth Drummond Imrie were living together in Auchterarder at the 1861 census. Their sister Euphemia Imrie married cotton weaver William Morrison on 28 August 1855 at Dunblane and they were living in Auchterarder at the 1861 census. Elizabeth Drummond Imrie had an illegitimate daughter Janet Gilbert (12 October 1823), father Alexander Gilbert, in Auchterarder. John Imrie died 14 January 1871 in Auchterarder (registered 17 January 1871 by William Morrison (Registrar) informant Elizabeth Imrie (sister)), aged 82, and Elizabeth Drummond Imrie moved in with William and Euphemia Morrison. They are on the 1871 census when William Morrison was a Registrar, aged 74. Winder Elizabeth Drummond Imrie died 4 September 1873, aged 74, of nephritis in Auchterarder.. In the 1881 census only Euphemia Morrison is still alive as William had died earlier in 1881. She must then have moved down to her daughter at Malcolmwood.

[Peter Imrey and Ann Fenton married 3 February 1761 in Auchterarder. They had children Lodovick (17 April 1761), Margaret (19 May 1765), twins Ebenezer and Lilias (4 October 1767), James (19 February 1775). There was most likely another daughter Jean who married shoemaker Angus Sutherland (30 January 1798) in Auchterarder and had eight children dying 21 September 1835 in Auchterarder aged 60. The children were John (18 December 1799), Ann (13 April 1801), Betty (13 July 1803), Peter (15 October 1804), Lilias (11 March 1806), Janet (15 June 1809), Robert (27 September 1810), William (10 March 1812). Her probable spinster sister Lilias was living with the Sutherlands at the 1841 census. Angus Sutherland died 1 August 1847 in Auchterarder aged 86.

Lodovick Imry married Margaret Binning on 26 December 1731 in Auchterarder. They had children in Auchterarder: Patrick/Peter (23/29 October 1732), John (14 April 1734), Jean (18 April 1736), William (16 April 1738), James (26 April 1741), Lodovick (22 January 1744), Janet (13 July 1746).

James Imrie and Catherine Soutar had a daughter Grizel (29 December 1776) in Auchterarder. Grizel must have been illegitimate. Euphemia Imrie (2 August 1767), daughter of John Imrie of Dunbarney, married watchmaker William McEwan on 20 March 1795 in Auchterarder. Bethea Imrie (15 September 1771), daughter of John Imrie and Janet Stewart of Forgandenny, married William Murray on 30 December 1801 in Auchterarder.]

Betsy Imrie was born out of wedlock in 1836 at Guildford, Surrey, England. Her father was James Connell, shoe maker, and her mother Euphemia Imrie died of senile decay, aged 76, at Malcolmwood on 29 May 1884 and was buried in Blantyre, 2 June 1884, widow of William Morrison of Auchterarder. Buchanans were renting Malcolmwood at the 1841 and 1851 censuses. William Pettigrew died 24 June 1876 of typhoid/pneumonia, Betsy died 14 June 1905, aged 69, and they were both buried in Blantyre cemetery. William Pettigrew and Elizabeth Imrie lived at Malcolmwood, having moved up the hill from Dysholm, being there at the 1861 census with eldest daughter Janet with later births etc registered in Cambuslang parish and had children

            Janet (Jessie) Euphemia Pettigrew 30 September 1859
                  (married Thomas Thomson)
She was born at Dysholm. Married 1891. The couple lived in their own property at Commercial Place, Stonefield Road, Blantyre. No children. Thomas died 22 April 1935 (aged 87) and Jessie died 8 August 1936 (aged 76).

            Alexander Imrie Pettigrew 2 October 1861
                  (married Emma Sarah Turley-Smout)
Born at Malcolmwood. Died 26 April 1915 killed by a cave-in in his own quarry. He emigrated to New Zealand around 1880, married Emma Turley-Smout from Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England on 19 April 1892 and had 10 children. He had two farms, Kimbolton and Umutoi.

            William Pettigrew 21 November 1862
Born at Malcolmwood. (Irish) Bessie Pettigrew, a cousin, says that William married a Mary, left his family and went to America, leaving a daughter Katie Pettigrew who was a brilliant pianist. After travelling to Australia he returned to England and lived at Canvey Island. Died 1927 leaving a widow Emma.

            Jane (Jeanie) Pollock Pettigrew 22 December 1863
                  (married Frank Skinn)
Born at Malcolmwood. Married 1891. Lived in Glastonbury, England, and had 4 sons. The name changed to West-Skinn. Died 25 August 1921.

            John Pettigrew 18 June 1865
                  (married Margaret McWilliam)
Born at Malcolmwood. Married on 29 December 1885 to Margaret McWilliam (born 16 March 1868) from the neighbouring Greenhall Farm, daughter of Thomas McWilliam and Christina Fleming, who married on 23 June 1865 (Thomas was born as twin to Janet on 4 December 1841). John and Margaret lived at Dysholm after their marriage (They were at Dysholm in the 1891 census, it was occupied by John and Isobel Ross in the 1881 census, and was uninhabited in 1871.) then at Malcolmwood where they both died. John on 14 December 1945 (of arteriosclerosis [senility], aged 80) and Margaret on 6 October 1923 (of carcinoma of the pylorus, aged 55). Both buried in Blantyre cemetery. They had 19 children.

[The McWilliams can be traced back to John McWilliams in Rutherglen, a cotton weaver who died an army pensioner, who married Mary Mathers and had children in Rutherglen: Thomas (5 April 1807), William (17 November 1810), John (12 March 1809...who married Janet Farquhar, 1830, in Cambuslang), Agnes (25 October 1812, seems also to have been known as Mary and died in 1849), James (13 March 1814), Mary (13 March 1816), Elizabeth (4 September 1818), Alexander (4 March 1821), Jane (17 November 1823), Alexander (12 January 1825), Agnes (22 June 1828). Mary Mathers was born in the County of Armagh, Ireland, around 1778, daughter of Joseph Mather, gardener, and Mary Hodge. She died 13 April 1855, a pauper, in lodgings at Bushymill, Cambuslang. She was buried in Cambuslang churchyard. Her pre-deceased second husband (probable marriage on 27 September 1834) had been William Allan, cotton weaver. The McWilliams family moved from Rutherglen to Cambuslang. Mary Mathers seems to have had a brother in Rutherglen Thomas Mathers who married Mary Gorman and had children in Rutherglen: Mary (4 January 1807, Jean (16 October 1808...mother given as Margaret), William (7 October 1810), Esther (30 August 1812), Margaret (20 November 1814), Thomas (16 February 1817), John (6 June 1819). John McWilliams and Thomas Mathers cant be tracked down for their births or their marriages or deaths. Mary Mathers is a common name in the Brechin area whereas Mary Gorman is a name occurring in the Glasgow area, McWilliam is an Irish name common in the South West of Scotland but no connections could be found.

Thomas McWilliam married Margaret Thom registered 14 August 1830 in Blantyre and 3 September 1830 in Cambuslang. At the time of his marriage he was living at Wheatlandhead Farm, Blantyre. Thomas and Margaret are in the village of Lightburn, Cambuslang, at the 1851 Census. Margaret is in Hamilton Road, Lightburn, at the 1881 Census (under her maiden name), and in Cullochburn, Cambuslang, at the 1891 Census. Margaret Thom was the daughter of John Thom and Janet Lindsay who married 14 August 1803 in Blantyre. According to his daughter Margaret's death certificate, John was a 'Hawker'. There were children in Blantyre: John (16 January 1804), Agnes (31 May 1806), James (14 April 1808), and Margaret (19 March 1810). Thomas McWilliam and Margaret Thom had children in Cambuslang: John (14 November 1831), James (9 March 1834), Margaret (21 August 1836), Elizabeth (8 September 1839), the twins Janet and Thomas Balfour (9 January 1842...the discrepancy in dates will be due to birth and christening), Alexander (6 April 1845...when the name changes to McWilliams), John (25 December 1847), Mary (20 May 1851), and William (15 July 1853). Thomas McWilliam, cotton weaver, died 18 March 1881 in Cambuslang. Margaret Thom died 23 December 1891 at 125 Norfolk Street, Glasgow.

Thomas Balfour McWilliams married Christina Fleming 23 June 1865 in Hamilton where she was born in 1841 or 1842. At the time of her marriage she was living at Stonefield, Blantyre. Thomas's younger brother Alexander married her older sister Elizabeth Gilmour Fleming 3 November 1865 in Hamilton having a child: Agnes Hamilton on 19 January 1866. Thomas Balfour, Christina and Alexander were farm servants in Blantyre, Elizabeth Gilmour was a farm servant in Hamilton. Christina is supposed to have been 23 and Elizabeth 28 at the time of their weddings. Their parents were James Fleming (a deceased pit-shanker) and Agnes Hamilton. Christina is described as being a 'house servant' and living with the Mathers family at 10 years old in the village of Low Waters, Hamilton at the 1851 Census. She is described as being born in Glassford. The marriage of Thomas and Christina took place in Low Waters. Thomas Balfour McWilliams and Christina Fleming had children in Blantyre: Agnes (2 June 1866), Margaret (16 March 1868), Christina (26 April 1869)...when Thomas Balfour had become coachman at Greenhall), Thomas (7 February 1872), James (22 December 1873...when Thomas Balfour was coachman (domestic servant) at Greenhall). Thomas Balfour McWilliams died on 28 August 1917 at Greenhall Farm. Christina Fleming died 28 March 1932 at Greenhall Farm.

Margaret McWilliam was a dairymaid when she married ploughman John Pettigrew in Blantyre on 29 December 1885. Her father Thomas Balfour McWilliams was then the farmer at Greenhall in Blantyre. The family name had fluctuated in spelling between McWilliams and McWilliam. At Greenhall was a mansion house, a farm, a gardener's cottage, and a stables where the coachman lived with his family.]

[The Flemings can be traced back to William Gilmour who married Magdeline Montgomery April 1748 in Glasgow. He was probably a coachman on the Duke of Hamilton's property at Shepersnock. William and Magdeline had children John, born 1756 in Dalserf, died August 1843, and Jean, born 1 May 1761 in Dalserf.

John Gilmour married Christian Melvin in Dalserf. They had children in Dalserf: John (1779), Alexander (1781), Margaret (1784), Elisabeth (1787, died 2 March 1868 in Low Quarter), Janet (1789), Sarah (1795, died 1874 in Low Quarter), Christian (Christine) (1799, died 1879 in Low Quarter). Sarah and Christine were spinsters and are recorded on the 1871 Quarter census living together. Sarah was blind. Both she and Christine died of old age. Elisabeth was in Low Quarter on the 1851 census, living with two of her sons and a twelve-year-old girl named Agnes Fleming.

Elisabeth Gilmour married Alexander Fleming. They lived in Low Quarter where Alexander was a farmer. It appears that he died before 1851.

They had children Alexander (24 January 1804, died November 1875 at Knowetop Farm, Quarter), married Helen Haddow (1800 - 1900). Their children: Elisabeth (1826), Christina (1829), Alexander (1831), Helen (1833), James (1836), John (1838), Gavin (1840), Andrew (1842). Alexander was a ploughman at Knowetop Farm, which he owned. After his death, of paralysis in 1875), his son John took over the farm.

John (21 November 1808), married Elizabeth ? (1806). Their children: Alexander (1830), William (1830), Mary (1832), Elizabeth (1834), Ann (1836), John (1839). John was a coal miner and is shown living with his family in Low Quarter on the 1841 and 1851 census.

Christina (5 May 1811).

Andrew (24 May 1813), married Jean Bell in 1836. They had at least one child, Alexander. Andrew was a cattle dealer. He died at Knowetop Farm of stomach cancer in 1871).

James (30 June 1815, died 16 May 1841 in Quarter), married Agnes Hamilton (1814) on 4 January 1835. Their children: Janet (1836), Elizabeth Gilmour (1837 in Hamilton, died 2 June 1903 in Blantyre) married Alexander McWilliam, Agnes (1839, died 1913) married James Frew, Christina (1841, died 28 March 1932 at Green Hall Farm, Blantyre) married Thomas McWilliam. Alexander and Thomas were brothers. James was a coal miner. He died going into a mine in Quarter to help rescue men after a firedamp explosion. His wife Agnes was a daughter of John and Janet (Semple) Hamilton and is shown living with grandmother Elizabeth (Gilmour) Fleming on the 1851 Quarter census. She had an illegitimate child after James's death.

William (2 September 1819 in Hamilton, died 10 October 1864 in East River, Pictou County, Nova Scotia) married Elizabeth Maxwell (22 July 1822, died 10 May 1898 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. They were married 23 August 1840 in Dalserf.

Michael ( or Mitchel) (9 November 1821) married Grace Gowans (1830) 27 February 1857 in Dalserf. Their children: Alexander (25 November 1857) in Hamilton, Elizabeth (12 June 1865) in Dalserf, Mitchel (1 April 1867) in Dalserf. Michael was a gemstone miner. He died before 1881. Grace was the daughter of William and Janet (Millar) Gowans of Dalserf.

Elizabeth (24 September 1825).

Thomas (16 April 1829). Thomas was a miner. He is shown living in Low Quarter with his mother Elizabeth on the 1851 census.]

            Robert McDonald Pettigrew 23 November 1866
                  (married Jessie Highgate)
Born at Malcolmwood. Robert married Jessie Highgate in Blantyre 1890, whose father was a highly trained opera singer who sang at Covent Garden. He died 23 November 1929 (his 63rd birthday) from a kick from a horse. Originally estate manager at Guildford, Surrey, England, he imigrated to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from Sligo, Ireland, where he was an estate manager. He had 5 children and two of his daughters Bessie and Jessie married New Zealand Pettigrew cousins.

            James Ballantyne Pettigrew 9 May 1868
                  (married Kate Rowles)
Born at Malcolmwood. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1888 aged 21 on the first steamship going there, the AROWA. He married Kate Rowles in 1904 and had three daughters. He was a member of a survey party and purchased a block of land which he farmed for 50 years before retiring. Died 27 September 1948.

            Elizabeth Imrie Pettigrew 5 December 1869
                  (married John Scott)
Born at Malcolmwood. Married in 1894 to John Scott, the farmer from Crossbasket, Blantyre, and had no children.

            Susan Pettigrew 8 September 1871
                  (married William Howie)
Born at Malcolmwood. Met and married William Howie in Ireland and had 3 children. When her husband died Richard Pettigrew returned to Ireland and took over his job as she lived in a tied house. Richard Pettigrew met Harriet Ellis, who was evil, in Ireland. Susan returned to Scotland to live at Auchinloch near Kirkintilloch.

            Andrew Bannatyne Pettigrew 20 January 1874
                  (married Amelia Marion Neilson Blackley)
Born at Malcolmwood. Emigrated to Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Married 20 April 1903. He was in the First World War having been in the Boer War. He had three children. Died 29 June 1952.

            Richard McDougall Pettigrew 4 February 1875
                  (married Harriet Ellis)
Born at Malcolmwood. Went to Wellington, New Zealand, from Ireland where he was an estate manager but returned to Ireland and Scotland. He had one daughter.

            Catherine Pettigrew 31 March(?) 1876
                  (married Archibald Macdonald)
Born at Malcolmwood. Married Archibald Macdonald, the piermaster at Lochmaddy in North Uist, the Hebrides on 10 June 1898. They had 6 children: William Pettigrew (20 March 1899), Margaret (8 February 1900), Elizabeth Imrie (7 March 1901), Alexander (19 January 1905), Jessie Pettigrew (27 March 1907) Archibald John (5 April 1918). She died 29 November 1952.

Missing from the 1881 census is William. Missing from the 1891 census are Alexander, William, Robert and James. They must all have emigrated by then. There were 40 Pettigrews in Cambuslang in the 1891 census, 8 being from our Malcolmwood family and 6 from the Dysholm family. There was a Pettigrew family of 7 in Blantyre not in our direct line.

Jane (Pollock) Pettigrew, born 1782, died 1860. Alexander Pettigrew, born 1801, and Jean Pettigrew, born 1805, never seem to have married and stayed at home in Dysholm, Jean living till the family moved to Malcolmwood. Robert Pettigrew, originally a master carter, died a pauper at 70 in the Calton, Glasgow 1877 (St Rollox Parish). William Pettigrew, born 1832, died in Cambuslang 1876. Alexander Pettigrew, born 1801, died before 1853. Jane Pettigrew, born 1805, died in Blantyre 1879(?).

John Pettigrew and Margaret McWilliam lived at Malcolmwood, moving up the hill from Dysholm after 1891, and had children

            Christina (Chrissie) Fleming Pettigrew 2 June 1886
            William Pettigrew 21 May 1887
                  enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces at
                  Dubbo, where he had emigrated, 28 February 1916,
                  sailed from Sidney 22 August 1916,
                  disembarked Plymouth 13 October 1916,
                  sailed for France from Folkestone 13 December
                  1916, wounded in action 11 May 1917,
                  rejoined his Infantry unit 2 June 1917,
                  and was killed in the Third Battle of Ypres,
                  Passchendaele, 21 September 1917,
                  his body was never found and his name is on the
                  Menin Gate,
                  he left an ANZAC poem in his belongings,
                  his younger brother Alex was also in uniform.
            Elizabeth Imrie Pettigrew B/D 6/23 June 1888
            Maggie McWilliam Pettigrew B/D 6/23 June 1888
            Elizabeth (Bessie) Imrie Pettigrew 28 June 1889
            Thomas McWilliam Pettigrew 29 November 1890
            John Pettigrew 18 June 1892
            Margaret McWilliam Pettigrew 8 December 1893
            Agnes McWilliam Pettigrew 3 November 1894
            Jessie Euphemia Pettigrew 29 September 1896
            Alexander Pettigrew 14 April 1898
            Jean Pettigrew 17 July 1899
            Susan Pettigrew 1901
            James Pettigrew 17 January 1902
            Mary Pettigrew 12 March 1903
            Susan Pettigrew 29 December 1904
            Andrew Pettigrew 13 April 1907
            Catherine McDonald Pettigrew 8 July 1908
            Robert Pettigrew 31 March 1914
The above children were born at Dysholm or later at Malcolmwood and are all dead now. The Dysholm family are included in the 1891 census and it is thought that Thomas Pettigrew was the last to be born there before they moved to Malcolmwood. There was a family of coalminers headed by James Paterson in Dysholm at the 1901 census.

In 1891 Janet (Jessie) Pettigrew married Thomas Thomson and Jean Pollock Pettigrew married Frank Skinn. In 1894 Lisa Imrie Pettigrew married John Scott. Mary Pettigrew died at 13 in 1916.

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