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This was an occasional magazine with a core of critical articles on poetry. Supplemented by a list of the poets whose work is available in this Webspace. A few poems and short stories were published for decoration but what this magazine was really about was articles. This was not an academic journal and stress lay on readability. The remit was the world of poetry in the broadest sense.

The magazine ran for fifteen issues from 1997 to 2000 but it became extremely difficult to find articles of a suitable quality so it was terminated. Many thanks to all the contributors, and their work remains available in the Archive. Comments to Douglas Clark.

'Lynx: Poetry from Bath' was selected for Suite 101 by Jaimes Alsop of The Alsop Review, Consulting Editor (Poetry).

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There are two ways to access the archive. By clicking on the contributors' names an index of their contributions and a brief biographical note are available, or alternatively each individual issue can be summoned up. There are over 2 megabytes of material available contained in 200 files contributed by 81 individuals.

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Each writer was invited to submit a brief biographical note. Then their publications in the magazine were listed indicating which issue they appear in, and an approximate classification of the contents. Individual articles may be accessed directly by clicking on them. This is apart from those who have only selections of poems available. Return to the menu is possible after each section.

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The Poets

The poets available are mostly connected with the South West of England. This section remains active and could be expanded at a later date.

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Rose Flint

Rose Flint is a well-known Bath poet with many publications.

William Oxley

William Oxley is a well-known English poet/critic who has been at the forefront of English poetry for over twentyfive years. Notorious for controversial and anarchic editing of his 70s magazine `Littack' he is somewhat shunned by the London Poetry Establishment. Prolific in the short poem it is in the long poem that he excels and he is a driving force behind the Long Poem Group Newsletter which is also held in this Webspace. He lives in Brixham in Devon on the South Coast of England. Recently, apart from two collections of lyrics, he has published `Collected Longer Poems' and `Collected Plays'. His autobiography is `No Accounting for Paradise'. His selected lyric poems are `Reclaiming the Lyre: New & Selected Poems 1967-2000' from Rockingham Press in 2001.

Danielle Hope

Danielle Hope is an established poet and widely published. She has written a blurb contained in her file of poems. Her first book `Fairground of Madness' was published in 1992 and `City Fox' came out in 1997. Her next book `The Stone Ship' is published in 2003. All published by the Rockingham Press. She lives in London.

Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer is a lively poet living and working in Bath.

Fred Beake

Fred Beake is a Romantic modernist poet/critic who has been active in English poetry for over thirty years. He owes his debts to William Carlos Williams, Shelley and H.D. He wrote a remarkable long poem Towards the West which is published in his book of that name and is mounted in this Webspace. He has devoted his life to poetry in a way that is most unusual in this century. He, too, has written a blurb contained in his file. He lived in Bath from 1972 to 2003 moving to Torquay. He has published a translation of Aristophanes' play `Peace' from University of Pennsylvania Press. His new book of poems is `The Cyclops' from Menard Press.

Dorothy Nimmo

Dorothy Nimmo is a Quaker who took up poetry late in life with many award-winning books. She was warden of the Friends Meeting House in Gloucester, as well as undertaking her teaching activities, but has now moved to Yorkshire. She won a Cholmondley Award of 2000 pounds for her poetry in 1996. Her book `The Children's Game' (Smith/Doorstop, 1998) is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. `The Wigbox: New & Selected Poems' (Smith/Doorstop) was published in 2000.

Dorothy Nimmo died on 24 May 2001.

Ryl Lovell

Ryl Lovell is a painter who also came to poetry late in life and is now approaching her 70s. She has been well-published in the magazines and has had small press books out. She now has a share in an anthology from the premier London small press firm Anvil. She lives in Bristol.

She died on 8 May 2000 after a long illness.

Duncan Tweedale

Duncan Tweedale is a well-known Bath poet and worked in computers.

Ann Scorgie

Ann Scorgie has been a well-known Bath poet for many years. She suffers from MS and has become a disciple of the Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba. The set of her Indian poems is included.

Helen Keen

Helen Keen was an unemployed Bath nurse who lived a hard life. She drank in the Englishcombe Inn and the Livingstone. She died of an overdose 23 February 2000, aged 43. This was her first venture into print.

Beate Balzer

Beate Balzer is a young German poet now working in Zurich, Switzerland after taking her doctorate in Chemistry at the Technical University in Dresden. She has translated these poems from the German herself and is keen for feedback. Peter Horn is featuring her in his Web magazine IsiBongo.

Robert Burns

The immortal Robert Burns (1759-1796) has a dozen annotated poems and songs here, including a piece of bawdy. They naturally attract a wide audience.

Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark has his set of books and more recent work available. He lives in Bath.

Douglas Clark /Lynx: Poetry from Bath/ Benjamin Press, 69 Hillcrest Drive, Bath BA2 1HD, UK/