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Yona Alon

Yona Alon, an Israeli poet writing in Hebrew, was born in Kibbutz Ein-Shemer in 1935. In 1958 he moved to Jerusalem, where he lives today. He studied in the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, and learned philosophy from Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Prof. Marcel Dubois.

His books:

Philosophy -
1. There are no wicked in the world (1968).
The book offers a new moral theory which eliminates the concept of wickedness.
2. The social moral vs. the existence moral (1975).
The book develops and widens the theory offered in the first book.

1. Light (1976).
2. Beethoven - letters for the Immortal lover (1990).
3. The death of summer (1998).
4. A year's diary (1999).
This book was translated to English by Dr. Ben Schapiro.


13. Poems. from 'A YEAR'S DIARY'

Beate Balzer

Beate Balzer. A selection of her poetry is available.

Douglas Barbour

Douglas Barbour is a professor in the English Department at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He teaches Canadian Literature, modern poetry, science fiction, and Creative Writing. His books include Visible Visions: Selected Poems (NeWest Press 1984) & Story for a Saskatchewan Night (rdc press 1989). Criticism includes Daphne Marlatt and Her Works (ECW Press 1992), bpNichol and His Works (ECW Press 1992), & Michael Ondaatje (Twayne 1993).

8. Poems. Three poems
8. Article. Late thoughts on Ted Hughes's `Birthday Letters'
10. Article. Canadian Poetry as Eclectic in the best sense

Fred Beake

FRED BEAKE has been publishing poetry since the early 1970's. He has a large Selected Poems, and another volume Towards the West with University of Salzburg Press. His new book of poems and translations `Places and Elegies' is now out from Salzburg. He is working on a book on H.D. He co-edits the Poet's Voice magazine. He has an old fashioned respect for sound and rhythm, which leads him however to admire his experimental contemporaries Bill Griffiths and Barry MacSweeney, though they write in a very different way to himself. Always interested in the Classics (but not an academic) he has translated a good deal from ancient Greek in recent years. In his own work he is a surrealist who loves the Romantics, and is fascinated by Pound, Williams, H.D. and their successors.

Fred Beake's poems are available in this Webspace.

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Richard Bear

Richard Bear studied at Georgia State University and the University of Oregon, and holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English from the University of Oregon, where he is employed, and is currently a graduate student in the University's Arts Administration program. He is an editor for the refereed online journal Early Modern Literary Studies, is editor of the Edmund Spenser Home Page, and listowner of SPENSER-L, a scholarly online discussion group. His articles and poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals. His work on World Wide Web pages has won recognition from the Mckinley Group, Best of Campus, Internet World, the Doras Shamrock award, NetSearch, and LookSmart's Editor's Choice award. He lives on one acre in the foothills of Oregon's Cascade Range, and plays dulcimer and pennywhistle.

Richard Bear's Web Pages are available at the University of Oregon.


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11. Poems. from 100 poems
13. Poem. Grace

Juan Beauregaard-Montez

Juan Beauregaard-Montez was born in Chiapas, Mexico in 1960, the bastard son of a Zapatista guerilla and an British diplomat's daughter. For reasons of state security and to avoid scandal he was reared by Menonite missionaries, where according to Juan, "he was taught how to hate". This hatred manifested in Juan becoming a guerilla, joining his father in the Chiapas mountains where his hatred of the vencendorias solidified and his love of common people materialized. Although he had received a classical education and had studied art at the Sorbonne and poetry under the auspices of Yves Bonnefoy at the Lysee Mercure he became the fiercest and most feared of all the revolutionaries in the region. Because of this a price of $50,000 U.S. dollars was placed on the head and genitals of Juan by the Mexican government's governor of the region. Juan's mother pleaded with his father to convince Juan to return to Europe where he could better fight the battle for his people's liberation before The Hague and the European Union. Today, Juan continues his battles on several fronts, writes columns and articles under several hetronyms and some of the world's most beautiful, important poetry under the name of Juan Beauregaard-Montez. He is a member of The Tampa Group of SurSymbolist poets surrounding Duane Locke, Donald Ryburn and Damniso Lopez. His poetry is distributed exclusively through the Lind Call Literary Agency.

13. Poems. Five poems

Robert James Berry

Robert James Berry was born in Redhill, England in 1960, and was educated in the U.K., Ulster, and Scotland. Since 1991 he has lectured in English Literature and Language in England, New Zealand, and Malaysia. He currently lives and works in Selangor in West Malaysia. His poems have been published in poetry magazines and journals in the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Sweden, and Trinidad. Most recently his poems have been translated into German. He was a prize winner in the NST - Shell Poetry Competition. He is married to Ahila. He loves cats, especially his Siamese, Sheba, classical piano, and poetry.

11. Poems. Six poems

Kashyap Bhattacharya

I was born in Kettering, Northants in March, 1979...but I spent most of my school years in Calcutta. I now reside in Dundee where I am doing a first degree in Economics and European studies. Besides loving life...I have a great passion for listening to the music of Bach and Nyman, reading books and collecting precious stones and jewellery.

Also like most Indians...I love my food and am mad about cricket!!!!!

13. Poem. Getting Late

Peter Stone Brown

Peter Stone Brown is a singer/songwriter currently living in Philadelphia. He has been a professional driver, strand mapper, cable TV auditor, record store manager, disc-jockey, newspaper production manager, free-lance writer, music journalist, and associate editor of an alternative weekly. He grew up in a house with music and creativity around him. He produced his own newspaper when he was nine, and also wrote stories and poems. Later in life these turned into songs.

He has been playing as a solo artist in Philadelphia and leading a bunch of bands including the Dusters, the Others, the Crackers, the Fulminators and the Fumblers. For information on his albums... ...

5. Prose. by the cold grey sea