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Zita Maria Evensen

... physicist, psychologist, and poet.

Earned my college degree at seventeen. I earned two academic degrees after that.

During my junior year in college I meandered to Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and the United States for a year. My favorite part of this big blue marble are the countries around the ring of fire.

I travel when I can afford it, paint water colours, weave rya tapestries ( won some awards), garden rather fiercely, teach the Internet to newusers, and dance Spanish fandangos, Texas two-steps, and Hawaiian hulas.

My poetry often faces the sunshine.

2. Poem. Succession

Richard Fein

I have been writing for several years and have been published in many poetry journals and on the Internet.

4. Poem. Hollow Lamp

Rose Flint

Rose Flint. A selection of her poetry is available.

Jesse Glass

Jesse Glass has published work in The New England Review, Breadloaf Quarterly, Confrontation, The Literary Review, Shearsman, Angel Exhaust, and other magazines. He currently resides in Japan with his wife and son.

10. Poems. Four poems

Neile Graham

Neile Graham ( is the author of 2 full-length collections of poetry, Seven Robins (1983) and Spells for Clear Vision (1994) which was shortlisted for the Lowther Prize for the best book of poetry by a Canadian woman. Her poetry, articles, reviews, and stories have been published in magazines in her native Canada, her domicile the U.S.A., and in the U.K., which she visits whenever funds allow. More of her poetry can be found online at The Alsop Review (

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Bill Griffiths

Bill Griffiths was born in London in 1948. He was featured by the late Eric Mottram in Poetry Review in his early twenties. From this early period dates the sequence of Cycles, that many still think his most important achievment. He had a long standing involvement with Koncret Canticle, one of the best sound poetry groups, but equally he is a fine scholar, especially in Anglo Saxon. He has published numerous translations, notably perhaps of the Anglo Saxon "Guthlac B", but rannging by Old Welsh through to Sumerian. He spent much of the late eighties and early nineties in the North East of England, which coloured his large oeuvre of that time considerably. He was a distinguished secretary of the Association of Little Presses,and has recently organised the Eric Mottram Archive, at Kings College, London. His huge output is scattered over innumerable pamphlets. However, `A Tract Against The Giants' (The Coach House Press, 1984), one third of the large (but rapidly pulped) Paladin `Future Exiles' (1992), and a large selection in the recent large anthology published by Kings College of British Modernist poetry, provide a very reasonable introduction. The most interesting outsider of his generation. Nicholas Johnson has written an essay on him available here.

5. Poem. School

Randolph Healy

Randolph Healy was born in Scotland in 1956. His family moved to Ireland before he was two, where he has lived ever since. He runs Wild Honey Press from his home just outside Bray south of Dublin with his wife Louise and four daughters, Margaret, Florence, Genevieve and Beatrice. Publications include: 25 Poems ( Beau Press, Dublin 1983), Envelopes (Poetical Histories, Cambridge 1996) Rana Rana (Wild Honey Press 1997) Arbor Vitae (Wild Honey Press 1997) Flame (Wild Honey Press 1997) and work in Etruscan Reader VIII (Etruscan Books, Buckfastleigh 1998)

13. Article. The Eighteenth Letter
13. Poems. from 'Scales'

Roy Herman

1953: Born Roy Herman in Brooklyn, New York

1971-1984: Spends many happy, idle years collecting all sorts of useless liberal arts degrees. Supports himself mooching off parents, mooching off fellowship programs, and occasionally finding menial but honorable odd jobs. 1985: Draws up literary favorites list, that in typical fashion, he refuses to alter as the universe and he continue to age. The list begins G.M. Hopkins, Dylan Thomas, J. D. Salinger, Herman Melville, John Keats, William Blake, Wilfred Owen and descends from there.

1986-1990: Spends some less happy years writing dissertations and novels with endless middles and no conclusions. Begins to question wisdom of this struggling student/author racket.

1990-present: Discovers computers, real life; acquires wife and daughter; gets a clue and gets a real job with an actual salary and benefits. Happily sells out artistic pretensions and becomes settled suburban middle-aged man. Also discovers Internet literary subculture. Plays out his delusions of talent there.

14. Poem. Stained

Louise van Hine

E. Louise Van Hine is a poet and journalist who has been publishing literary criticism and journalism since 1975. Educated at the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University, she is currently a resident of Seattle, and publishes her original poetry exclusively through Threshold Publishing Company.

2. Poem. A Ballad of R+C
2. Article. Romance of the Rose

Scott Holstad

Scott C. Holstad has published 13 books of poetry, and his works have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including The Minnesota Review, Wisconsin Review, Hawaii Review, Chiron Review, Lullwater Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Arkansas Review, and Southern Review. He and his cat Rocky recently moved from Los Angeles to Tennessee.

14. Poems. Three poems

Danielle Hope

Danielle Hope. A selection of her poetry is available.

John Horvath Jr.

A disabled veteran in Mississipi whose poetry exercises caution, empathy and sympathy, and renders what is observed more open to discussion, more human, perhaps more dignified. Editor of PoetryRepairShop, John Horvath Jr. writes from "inside the sinner" ("so it's necessary to note that I write poetry, not autobiography"). He's published poems focused on the strange and stranger among us in Australian, British, Canadian and US magazines since the 1970s. Links to his online publications can be found at EXCITE and a short in-print list is at Poets and Writers Directory.

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15. Poems. Two poems

Coral Hull

Coral Hull was born in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia in 1965. She is a full time writer and a member of The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria and The Australian Society of Authors. Coral is an animal rights advocate and the Editor of Thylazine, an electronic literary journal featuring articles, interviews, photographs and the recent work of Australian writers and artists working in the areas of landscape and animals. She completed a Master of Arts Degree at Deakin University in 1994 and a Doctor of Creative Arts Degree at the University of Wollongong in 1998. Her work has been published extensively in literary magazines in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Her published books are; In The Dog Box Of Summer in Hot Collation, Penguin Books Australia, 1995, William's Mongrels in The Wild Life, Penguin Books Australia, 1996, Broken Land, Five Islands Press, 1997 and How Do Detectives Make Love?, Penguin Books Australia, 1998.

15. Prose. When Children Bare Their Teeth
15. Prose. Dale Smashes Trucks

Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson is well known as the organisor of the Five Towns Poetry Festival, which has brought together the poets of the avante garde, whether Bill Griffiths or Maggy O'Sullivan, or Americans such as Creeley or Rakosi, but has also included lyrical Scots poets such as Sorley Maclean. He has edited Sean Rafferty's poetry for Carcanet. He edits the important series of Etruscan Readers, which each include three very different poets, and have mainly featured the wide range of poets he has put on at Newcastle Under Lyme and elsewhere. For someone in his early thirties he has also written a great deal, notably his fine long poem Haul Song, issued by Mammon Press, and soon to be reissued.

3. Poem. HARE
4. Article. Bill Griffiths

Helen Keen

Helen Keen. A selection of her poetry is available.

Gary Keenan

Gary Keenan's poems have been published in various literary magazines including Georgia Review, Ploughshares, Stand, Southern Poetry Review, and Exquisite Corpse. He has received fellowships from the Massachusetts Artists Foundation and the City University of New York. He lives in New York City, where he teaches creative writing and works for a large publishing firm.

14. Poems. Three poems

Ward Kelley

Fairly new to publishing my efforts -- this most challenging of all endeavors -- I have still been fortunate to enjoy some initial successes, and have published 436 pieces since late '96. Please see the attached list of credits. Current successes are: being nominated for the 1999 Pushcart; completing an interview with Israeli poet Elisha Porat (1996 winner of the Prime Minister Prize for Literature); being accepted by Rattle for the second time; Sunstone, Porcupine Literary Magazine; the Ezines Pif, 2River View, Oblique and Offcourse; and by print magazines Potpourri and Skylark -- each for the third time. Lastly, I was selected as the Featured Poet by the ezine Seeker, England's Poetry Life & Times ezine, and the Canadian ezine, Pyrowords.

Formerly I managed distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Arizona and Illinois. My wife and I now live outside of Indianapolis and are currently toiling with much determination on our second crop of children, having adopted four wonderful girls and fostered several others.

15. Poems. Three poems

David Kennedy

David Kennedy was born in Leicester in 1959. He is a co-editor of The New British Poetry (1993) and the author of New Relations: The Refashioning of British Poetry 1980-1994. He studies in the Graduate School of Sheffield University where he is researching ideas of community and nation in the work of Douglas Dunn, Tony Harrison and Seamus Heaney. He has recently published a pamphlet of poems `Men's Talk' from Sheffield University. In 1996 Scratch published his pamphlet `The Elephant's Typewriter'

10. Poem. Postmodern Scenes
10. Article. Boys' Zone