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John Kinsella

John Kinsella (b.1963) is an Australian writer and critic, resident in Cambridge. He has published many volumes of poetry including The Undertow: New and Selected Poems (Arc, 1996), Radnoti Poems (Equipage, 1996), The Silo: A Pastoral Symphony (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1995; Arc, 1997), Poems 1980-1994 (FACP, 1997; Bloodaxe, 1998), and The Hunt (FACP, 1998; Bloodaxe, 1998). He is the author of a novel - Genre (FACP, 1997), a volume of short fiction - Grappling Eros (FACP, late 1998), and a play - Crop Circles. He is at present completing an anthology of Australian poetry for publication in May 1999 and is the editor of the international poetry journal Salt.

7. Poem. nature morte: Oh Rhetoric!

Carolyn van Langenberg

Carolyn van Langenberg has published short fiction overseas and in Australia in journals and anthologies, and she is writing a novel about madness for a PhD in Writing at University of Western Sydney, Nepean.

9. Poem. The sandals
11. Article. Wollongongs Poet Fest
13. Prose. From Redfern to Werrington, I've been a dude!

Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin is a librarian at Warwick University and runs Prest Roots Press. His own work combines an interest in innovative writing with a commitment to ecological poetics and the pastoral tradition. He has contributed to Reality Studios, Fragmente, Parataxis and Talisman and appeared in Ten British Poets (1993). Among his ten published books are: Enclosures (1983), Pastoral Advert (1989), Scarce Norm Scarcer Mean (1992) Seek Source Bid Sink (1995), and Three Conformities of Forest (1997). The unit of much of his poetry is not the line, nor the sentence but the short prose paragraph treated as a stanza. Recent work has focused on the compromised industrial dimensions of the forest as both speculative implantation and contemplative reservoir.

4. Article. Innovation contra Acceleration
4. Poem. Parallels Plantation Apart

David Latané

David E. Latané, Jr. teaches British poetry at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and is US editor for Stand Magazine. He is currently editing a special issue of Victorian Poetry on "Palgrave's Golden Treasury and Victorian Poetry Anthologies," and contemplates writing a book on the drunken magazinist from Cork, Dr. William Maginn. (Home page).

8. Article. On Peter Horn's `Rivers'

Anthony Lawrence

Anthony Lawrence has published six books of poems, the most recent being "Skinned by Light: New & Selected Poems" (University of Queensland Press, 1998) He lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Aust.

7. Poems. Five poems

Gary Lehmann

Gary Lehmann: teaches poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology Athenaeum and literature and writing at the School of Liberal Arts at RIT. Watch out for him on English hiking trails in East Anglia this summer.

12. Poems. Two poems
12. Prose. Vanishing Point

Jennifer Ley

Jennifer Ley is a 1998 Pushcart Nominee. A sampling of literary magazines and websites that have included her poetry include: Agnieszka's Dowry, The Melic Review, the Poetry Calendar, Mobius, Conspire, Recursive Angel, noted on the Gazebo (at the Alsop Review,) Gravity and Poetry, where she was the featured poet in August 1998. Her work is anthologized at Poetry Cafe.

Ms. Ley edits Perihelion, on Web Del Sol, which offers Internet premieres of new poetry, round tables, interviews, and articles focused on building community on the Internet; she is the founder and editor of The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, which has just moved to its own domain,

9. Prose. R.andom G.enerated P.oetry
9. Poems. Three poems

Duane Locke

Duane Locke, Ph. D. in Renaissance literature, unemployed, lives alone in an old, decaying house in the Tampa slums. The neighborhood is very colorful being decorated with yellow and orange posters put up by the police to advertise that the location is a high drug district. He lives as a stranger and deracinated man since he cannot understand the customs, the costumes, and the language, some form of Postmodern English.. He is totally isolated and enjoys the supreme pleasure of being lonely and unhappy. He has had over 2,000 poems published in over 500 magazines: APR, Nation, Literary Quarterly, Black Moon, Bitter Oleander, 491. His latest book of poems, WATCHING WISTERIA-to order see or call 1-800-869-7553.]

13. Poems. Four poems

Tim Love

Tim Love works as a computer officer at Cambridge University, England. His poetry's appeared in Stand, Rialto, Oxford Poetry, Verse, etc. See his Literature Page for further details.

1. Prosepoem. A Fairy Tale
1. Prosepoem. Sticks and Stones
2. Poem. Taking Mark this time
6. Poem. Painting Over
6. Article. Allusions
6. Article. My dealings with UK literary magazines

Ryl Lovell

Ryl Lovell. A selection of her poetry is available.

Marek Lugowski

Marek Lugowski has been called in print "the priest of rec.arts.poems", owing to his longevity and contributions on Usenet, is a contributing editor of University of Pennsylvania's CrossConnect, and president and editor of A Small Garlic Press, a rising Chicago nonprofit corporation comprising volunteers across the internet. ASGP publishes smart and inexpensive chapbooks of poetry and maintains a set of exemplary web pages as resources, including Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD) ISSN 1088-4300, which also comes out in print.

Marek Lugowski was born in Poland, moved to USA at 14, and studied under Douglas Hofstadter, among several others, at Indiana University, Bloomington. He works at Northwestern University as a programmer at a research institute.


3. Poem. teak woman
7. Poem. all the pretty poppies all the pretty people

Heather MacLeod

Canadian poet, Heather MacLeod is a graduate of the Writing program at the University of Victoria. Some of her poetry has appeared in NeWest Review, Wascana Review, Fiddlehead, Grain, Prism international as well as the anthologies Breathing Fire, The Colour of Resistance and A Shade of Spring. Her first book of poetry, My Flesh the Sound of Rain, was released by Coteau in the autumn of 1998. Two of her plays have received honourable mentions from, the journal, Aboriginal Voices and from the Native Playwrights Contest held in Alaska. She has lived in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, the Yukon as well as Turkey.

11. Poems. A Colour Sequence

Vance Maverick

VANCE MAVERICK --- born Zurich, raised Los Angeles, university in Connecticut, graduate studies in computer science at Berkeley; now living in San Francisco, working as a "software engineer". Longtime study of musical composition, with a few pieces performed; more recently a reader (but not a writer) of poetry. Home page at

3. Article. Partial Reading: J.H.Prynne's " On the Matter of Thermal Packing"

Sheila E.Murphy

Sheila E.Murphy's book manuscript Letters to Unfinished J. was selected in the open poetry competition sponsored by Sun & Moon Press, and will be published by Sun & Moon. A Sound the Mobile Makes in Wind: 50 American Haibun is featured by Mudlark (1998). Leaflets (1998) was published by Instress. Falling In Love Falling In Love With You Syntax: Selected and New Poems appeared from Potes * Poets Press in 1997. Twelve years ago, she founded and continues to coordinate with Beverly Carver the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series. Her home is in Phoenix, Arizona.


Dorothy Nimmo

Dorothy Nimmo. A selection of her poetry is available.