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Christopher Rollason

CHRISTOPHER ROLLASON (M.A., Ph.D.) graduated in English from Cambridge University, and obtained his doctorate at York University, on Edgar Allan Poe. He is a former lecturer at Coimbra University, Portugal, and is currently employed as an international official. He posts frequently on Usenet on literary and musical subjects and on free speech matters, and is the co-organiser of the Bob Dylan Critical Corner website, as well as being a contributor to the Austrian Dylan (paper) magazine, 'Parking Meter'.


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Michael Rothenberg

A resident of Pacifica, CA. My poems have appeared in Sycamore Review, Exquisite Corpse, Berkeley Poetry Review, Lungfull!, Mudlark, Pearl, Pyrowords, Rockhurst Review, Zuzu's Petals, and other publications. I am editor and publisher of Big Bridge Press and Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else: I am most recently editor of Overtime, Selected Poems by Philip Whalen due out with Viking Penguin in 1999.


Roy Samana

My name is Roy Samana, I'm a 20 years old student from Bat Yam. I write mostly short stories and occasionally some poetry. I'm hoping to study psychology next year in the university. My works have been translated from Hebrew by me.

14. Prose. Head Banging
14. Poems. Two poems

Ahila Sambamoorthy

My poems are Dravidian in tradition and draw largely on landscapes, philosophy, religion, and customs of South India. I believe that poetry should emulate music, or aspire towards the condition of music, and I thus like my poems to resound with the lyric voice of dream and imagination, such as is evoked in the blissful melodies of Franz Schubert. I love using rich, vibrant imagery, that is not always rooted in the 'real' world but in a transitional zone between the real and the wholly imaginary, a fantastic reality that is at the same time accessible and not accessible. And I deal with everyday human emotions such as longing, nostalgia, regret, sorrow, and happiness, nothing too otherwordly.

I teach English Literature at the National University of Malaysia. My strength lies in the field of post-colonial literatures written in English and music & literature.

11. Poems. Seven poems

Ann Scorgie

Ann Scorgie. A selection of her poetry is available.

Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard's volumes of poetry, from Stride, include The Flashlight Sonata (1993), and Empty Diaries (1998), both parts of a long project Twentieth Century Blues. Far Language (Stride, 1999) collects shorter articles on poetry and poetics. Editor of the magazine Pages and co-editor of Floating Capital: new poetry from London. Senior Lecturer in English and Writing Studies at Edge Hill College of Higher Education.

13. Article. Elsewhere and Everywhere
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Ann Skea

Ann Skea: writer, poetry-lover, surf-watcher, home-keeper for Sam and others, and sometime education consultant to international students at universities Down-Under in the Land of Oz. Ph.D in Eng.Lit, completed only for the love of being immersed in poetry and because I was fascinated by myth, alchemy, mysticism and Ted Hughes.

[Ann Skea's fine book Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest was published by University of New England Press in 1994.]

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Ernest Slyman

--born in Appalachia--Elizabethton, Tennessee. Attended East Tennessee State University. I have been widely published in The Laurel Review, The Lyric, Light: A Quarterly of Light Verse (Chicago), The NY Times, Reader's Digest and The Bedford Introduction to Literature, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer, as well as Poetry: An Introduction, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer)

5. Prose. The Magistrate's Pronouncement

Claire Smith

Claire is one quarter Irish, one quarter Welsh, the other half stemming from the rolling border county of Shropshire. She is married with four children, and is now living in Norfolk. She has written a long poem of 14,000 lines invoking wisdom for the coming Millennium and is currently seeking publication.


Ruth Smith

My poems have appeared in several magazines and outlets in the UK including, First Pressings (Faber & Faber),The Interpreter's House, Staple, Smith's Knoll, Pause, Interactions Magazine (an international poetry magazine), and Imago at the University of Brisbane, Australia. Both past and forthcoming publications have been in Winners' Anthologies published as an outcome of National Poetry Competitions and one of my poems has been anthologised by The Women's Press. Another is due out in an anthology produced by the Enitharmon Press. I won the London Writers Competition in 1996.

Until five years ago I taught English in a secondary school for girls but now give over my time to writing.


David Hunter Sutherland

As a brief bio, my work has seen wide distribution in journals, reviews and magazines. Recent pieces of mine have appeared in The Northern Michigan Journal, The Hollins Critic, Crossconnects and The Fairfield Review. I serve as managing editor for a publication called Recursive Angel (address below) and have a published a collection of verse called "Between Absolutes" by Menace Publishing of Alexandria, VA. This collection has seen very positive reviews from The Poet's Edge, The Washington Square Review and others.

Further, my work has appeared in an anthology of seven poets called "A Year On The Avenue" published by Two Dog Press of Deer Isle, Maine, and is available through any major book distributor. Finally, I am a member of The Academy Of American Poets, South African Writer's Council (SAWC) and The Oxford Poetry Society.

Recursive Angel:

6. Poems. Five poems

Keston Sutherland

Keston Sutherland (born 1976) lives in Cambridge, Mass. (USA). He occasionally runs Barque Press and has published several pamphlets, most recently Hate's Clitoris and Other Poems, Girls At Trusion and At The Motel Partial Opportunity. The piece 'DREAM OF A BETTER WAY LAID' is extracted from public e-mail correspondence.


Doug Tanoury

Doug Tanoury grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area with his wife and three children.

Doug has been published in Writer's Digest, Ego Flights Alura Quarterly and A Year On The Avenue (Two Dog Press). Online he has been published by The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Poetry Magazine, Agnieszka's Dowry, Recursive Angel, The Free Zone and others.

The greatest influence on Doug and his work was the 7th grade poetry anthology used in Sister Debra's English class: Reflections On A Gift Of Watermelon Pickle And Other Modern Verse, Stephen Dunning, Edward Lueders and Hugh Smith, (c)1966 by Scott Foresman & Company.

6. Poems. Three poems

David Taub

David Taub is a columnist, freelance writer/journalist, and poet. Born in England he currently lives and writes in Umatilla, Florida with the Hollywood movie-writer (retired), author and poet k.t.Frankovich. His poetry and various magazine articles have been published both in England and North America. He is an editorial board member of Writers' Forum and also overseas columnist for the magazine. As well as overseas columnist for Poetry Now magazine and Internet Poetry magazine. He also periodically freelances. He was appointed as `Consultant Editor' to UNKNOWN Magazine, February 1998. His website shows all his information. David Taub can be contacted by email at

9. Article. The Many Worlds of Poetry

Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer. A selection of her poetry is available.

Duncan Tweedale

Duncan Tweedale. A selection of his poetry is available.

Kenneth Wolman

Kenneth Wolman lives with a 4-year-old spayed female cat named Pushkin (a true case of gender confusion, but she IS only a cat) in splendor worthy of La Boheme, in a garret overlooking the rooftops of Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Each morning he commutes to his technical writing job in New York where he works to support not only his cat but also an ex-wife in splendor worthy of a cat. You may see a sampling of his work called Poetry From The Meadowlands (along with a beguiling photograph taken by the love of his life) at

4. Poem. WOLMA, POLAND: 1655
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Harriet Zinnes

Harriet Zinnes has published seven collections of poetry, two short story volumes (Lover; The Radiant Absurdity of Desire), a book of art criticism (Ezra Pound and the Visual Arts), translations of Jacques Prevert (Blood and Feathers: Selected Poems), and poems, stories, articles and reviews in such periodicals as Agni, American Poetry Review. Chelsea, Confrontation, Denver Quarterly, The Nation, New Letters, New York Times Book Review, Parnassus, Philadelphia Inquirer, Poetry, Washington Post Book World, etc. She is Professor Emerita of English at Queens College of the City University of New York.

14. Article. "I Feel I'm In A Slingshot"
14. Poems. Three poems