Roy Samana: Two poems


I remember us rolling in the mud like two capitalist pigs
In black Neo-Nazi boots
The earth was shaking underneath our long leather coats
But we just kept rolling, holding each other tight
While the rain was dripping between the wrinkles of our faces
Burning the silence that just seemed to wait for this moment
For the first drops that would remind us how much we used to love each other

Filthy, our tongues wrapped together, we both knew the bitter truth
By the time the sun comes out again this sweet piece of communism
would be all digested
And all that will be left are two small imperialists
and one disputed area

Distant And Small

- The dawn came slowly but steadily
Taking away the stars that had twinkled for us the night before
Revealing the gray morning sky that was full
Of clouds
In all the colors of the bow
That has sent an arrow from hell in order to extinct our fragile time

In these metallic clouds no pets can be seen
Nor fairies or puffy pillows
As we stare up above all we can see are dragons
And monsters and sinking lifeboats
In calm seas

I suddenly recall that one night
When the light was still afar
"I told her: the moon is full
"And she said: but look, he's sick
Yes, I too noticed his dirty yellow color
It looks so small from here, and so far" she whispered
At that moment I realized that my pain appears exactly the same to her
Distant and small