Lynx: Poetry from Bath:15

Issue 15, June 2000

Editorial: Douglas Clark

This is an occasional magazine with a core of critical articles on poetry. Supplemented by a list of the poets whose work is available in this Webspace. A few poems and short stories are published for decoration but what this magazine is really about is articles. This is not an academic journal and stress lies on readability. The remit is the world of poetry in the broadest sense.

This is the fifteenth and final issue as it has become more and more difficult to find articles of a suitable quality as the years have gone by. Many thanks to all the contributors, and their work will remain available in the database accessible from the individual issues or from the Contributors/Index Page. Comments to Douglas Clark.

In this last issue there are two short stories by Coral Hull. Ramez Qureshi discusses American language poet Nick Piombino, Ann Skea reviews a biography of Philip Sidney, Alan Papprill reviews an Anthology of 100 Years of North Carolina poetry, and I catch up on recent British poetry books and, as usual, supply my list of British and Irish Poetry Sites.

There are poems by M.T.C.Cronin, Ward Kelley, Janet Buck, Ruth Smith, Alan Papprill, John Horvath Jr. and Douglas Clark.

The database containing past contributions will always remain available and is easily accessed through the Contributors/Index Page or through the fourteen past Issues listed below.

Details of contributors and access to all their work in the magazine is provided in the Contributors/Index Page.

`Lynx: Poetry from Bath' was selected for Suite 101 by Jaimes Alsop of The Alsop Review, Consulting Editor (Poetry).

© Copyright belongs to the contributors.

The Short Stories

  1. Coral Hull: When Children Bare Their Teeth
  2. Coral Hull: Dale Smashes Trucks

The Poems

  1. M.T.C.Cronin: Seven poems
  2. Ward Kelley: Three poems
  3. Janet Buck: Three poems
  5. Alan Papprill: On Empire's Edge
  6. John Horvath Jr.: Two poems
  7. Douglas Clark: Two poems

The Articles

  1. Ramez Qureshi: Musical Objects
  2. Ann Skea: Philip Sidney: A Double Life
  3. Alan Papprill: Words and Witness
  4. Douglas Clark: Catching up on Books -- 4
  5. Douglas Clark: British and Irish Poetry Sites

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