Lynx: Poetry from Bath:2

Issue 2, May 1997

Editorial: Douglas Clark

This is an occasional magazine with a core of critical articles on poetry. Supplemented by a list of the poets whose work is available in this Webspace. A section of poems has been added to this second issue. Few poems will be published and it is intended to maintain the highest quality. What this magazine is really about is articles and writers are invited to submit if they have some point to make. This is not an academic journal and stress lies on readability. The remit is the world of poetry in the broadest sense. Submissions or comments should be sent to

I have long thought Richard Bear the best poet on the Internet and I am pleased to kick off with a fine poem of his. He has also sent an early article giving some insight into his thinking. Do visit his
Web Pages where he edits poetry texts and showcases his own books. Mary Herrington-Perry is a good poet as well as having an acute literary mind. Christopher Rollason's essays pop up in the newsgroups and are eminently readable and here he has supplied an insight on Bob Dylan. I hope to have regular articles on Dylan. Tim Love has published an enormous number of poems in the magazines as well as being a writer of prose and critical articles. I think Zita Maria Evensen's poetry holds promise.

Louise Van Hine's article on the famous `Romance of the Rose' demonstrates that writers and people have not changed an inch over the centuries; she also has contributed a neat little poem. Fred Beake has an encyclopedic knowledge of poetry being a poet, a translator, an editor, a critic, and a reviewer. This is his new poem. Jon Corelis has a Classical background as well as being familiar with Modern Greek Poetry and he adds a Note on its connection with Surrealism. He is an excellent poet and translator. I have, as usual, appended my summary of British and Irish URLs. I have also written a page of thoughts on European poetry.

`Lynx: Poetry from Bath' was selected for Suite 101 by Jaimes Alsop of The Alsop Review, Consulting Editor (Poetry).

© Copyright belongs to the contributors.

The Poems

  1. Richard Bear: Handcraft
  2. Mary Herrington-Perry: On Lakeview Point
  3. Tim Love: Taking Mark this time
  4. Louise Van Hine: A Ballad of R+C
  6. Zita Maria Evensen: Succession

The Articles

  1. Richard Bear: It's Just One Art Among the Many
  2. Douglas Clark: The schizophrenia of the Romantics
  3. Louise Van Hine: Romance of the Rose
  4. Christopher Rollason: Bob Dylan's "Señor"
  5. Jon Corelis: A Note on Surrealism and Modern Greek Poetry
  6. Douglas Clark: British and Irish Poetry Sites

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