Lynx: Poetry from Bath:3

Issue 3, November 1997

Editorial: Douglas Clark

This is an occasional magazine with a core of critical articles on poetry. Supplemented by a list of the poets whose work is available in this Webspace. A section of poems is added. Few poems will be published and it is intended to maintain the highest quality. What this magazine is really about is articles and writers are invited to submit if they have some point to make. This is not an academic journal and stress lies on readability. The remit is the world of poetry in the broadest sense. Submissions or comments should be sent to

I am extremely grateful to J.H.Prynne for giving permission to reprint his celebrated poem "On the Matter of Thermal Packing" to accompany Vance Maverick's essay on it. Fred Beake also contributes on Jon Silkin's new book from Macmillan on metre and free verse. William Oxley discusses the Turkish poet Feyyaz Fergar with an accompanying poem. He also has some thoughts on poetry.

There are poems from Jon Corelis, Marek Lugowski, Nicholas Johnson, Fred Beake and one from me to celebrate my recent illness. I have, as usual, appended my summary of British and Irish URLs.

`Lynx: Poetry from Bath' was selected for Suite 101 by Jaimes Alsop of The Alsop Review, Consulting Editor (Poetry).

© Copyright belongs to the contributors.

The Poems

  1. J.H.Prynne: On the Matter of Thermal Packing
  2. Jon Corelis: Only Human
  3. Marek Lugowski: teak woman
  4. William Oxley: Letter to Elizabeth
  5. Fred Beake: Ambiguous
  6. Nicholas Johnson: HARE
  7. Douglas Clark: Hulagu's Ride

The Articles

  1. Vance Maverick: Partial Reading -- on the poem of Prynne
  2. Douglas Clark: Waffle -- 1
  3. William Oxley: Feyyaz Fergar's English Poetry
  4. William Oxley: The Decay of Relativism
  5. Fred Beake: Review of Jon Silkin's new book on metre and free verse
  6. Douglas Clark: British and Irish Poetry Sites

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