Marek Lugowski: teak woman

teak woman stands one foot high kneeling on bended knee.

her breasts jut out tubularly & they are something sharp.
one can see the sharpness & one can test it on the tip of
a finger: the points of my silver hopi bola tips rolled to
my order at second mesa are not any pointier...

teak woman's hands show nails & are raised in a clasp
over her head over her notched hair. her elbows sharply
shroud her detailed face peaked with an upturned sharp nose.
she is possessed of a most amazingly rendered throat and
full round shoulders. not bad girl for just a piece of wood.

and water flows over her hair leaping right into midair
onto her back in a carved wooden seethrough loop.

teak woman was carved meticulously and her wood grain
runs from top to bottom with a lighter patch on her right
elbow and right cheek. looks a bit like a birthmark.

it takes a master craftsman in solo a long time to tweak
the teak into such storied detail. endang is from solo.
at batik keris she said: this one. this -- you should take
this one back. it was the only one. like that.
yes take this one back.

but a bad thing happened in cincinnati at our very dry
christmas. both of teak woman's wrists -- cracked!

we do not know why & we are looking for a wood sculpture
curator to help mend the teak woman.

but it seems that teak women don't take to winter in america.

they apparently miss winters in solo & they miss springs in
gardeny yogoharta & they likely are heartsick half the world
away for the smiling green-greens and the scented dark-darks
& the laughing-flirting campfires of nighttime summertime

[First published in "Selemat Jalan, Mate", Marek Lugowski,
Kennewick/Chicago: A Small Garlic Press, 1996 ISBN 1-888431-07-5.
Available from Marek at or Kim at or Renay at]