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Lynx: Poetry from Bath:9

Issue 9, Christmas 1998

Editorial: Douglas Clark

This is an occasional magazine with a core of critical articles on poetry. Supplemented by a list of the poets whose work is available in this Webspace. A section of poems is added. Few poems will be published and it is intended to maintain the highest quality. What this magazine is really about is articles and writers are invited to submit if they have some point to make. This is not an academic journal and stress lies on readability. The remit is the world of poetry in the broadest sense. Submissions or comments should be sent to

This is very much a Christmas poems issue. There are extracts from Alice Notley's `The Descent of Alette' together with an accompanying essay by Fred Beake. There are also poems by Douglas Oliver, Peter Robinson, Jennifer Ley, Fred Beake, Janet Buck, Bill Burns, John Horvath Jr., Carolyn van Langenberg, Michael Rothenberg.

In the articles David Taub discusses being a columnist who straddles the Atlantic, Janet Buck talks about disability, Jennifer Ley has fun with her cats, and I have a couple of pieces talking about things, particularly books, that have caught my eye. I have, as usual, appended my summary of British and Irish URLs.

Details of contributors and access to all their work in the magazine is provided in the Contributors/Index Page.

`Lynx: Poetry from Bath' was selected for Suite 101 by Jaimes Alsop of The Alsop Review, Consulting Editor (Poetry).

© Copyright belongs to the contributors.

The Poems

  1. Alice Notley: from `The Descent of Alette'
  2. Douglas Oliver: Three poems
  3. Peter Robinson: LEAVINGS
  4. Jennifer Ley: Three poems
  5. Fred Beake: from POEMS 1997/98
  6. Bill Burns: Five poems
  7. Janet Buck: Three poems
  8. John Horvath Jr.: Two poems
  9. Carolyn van Langenberg: The sandals
  10. Michael Rothenberg: STRIPTEASE D'ORSAY 1

The Articles

  2. Douglas Clark: Catching up on Books -- 1
  3. Jennifer Ley: R.andom G.enerated P.oetry
  4. David Taub: The Many Worlds of Poetry
  5. Janet Buck: Another Lecture Bites the Dust
  6. Douglas Clark: Waffle -- 5
  7. Douglas Clark: British and Irish Poetry Sites

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