I have been collecting The Dubliners for nearly 30 years and I have made up my own list of albums published in the UK. If anybody can add additional information it would be very useful. I have only seen the original lineup live once at the Civic Theatre in Darlington. I have listened to Sean Cannon's marvellous voice when he was a solo artist, and saw the lineup with Paddy Reilly, Eamonn Campbell, Barney, John and Sean at the Theatre Royal, Bath, on 31 May 1998 as part of their `Alive-Alive-O' tour. That was a marvellous night and I have never heard Barney talk so much before.

Eddie Kelly has made his comprehensive discography available and this has filled in many gaps, particularly in the early years. This discography includes Willy Veurheulpen's tremendous vinyl listings and Jens Kilian, Oskar Itzinger, Suzanne Uniacke, Claudia Weissman-Stahl and Jens Kaufmann have added CD information. Peter Dwyer also adds a Ronnie Drew album. The debt to Eddie Kelly is enormous. Per Solli has added some final touches. Olli Serin, Roland Birchby, Robert Pollard, Paco Peña, Alan Crozier, Paul Magnussen and Robert Alfredsson have chipped in. Danny Moore has added early LP work.

My name is Douglas Clark (

Discography begins

This discography proceeds through the individual albums to the solo albums, then concludes with the compilations.

The earliest recordings

1964   Fleadh Ceoil   Gael-Linn CEF 013

Danny Moore reports that Barney McKenna and Ronnie Drew played
a reel The Sailor on the Rock on the compilation LP Fleadh Ceoil,
issued by Gael-Linn, an Irish cultural organisation. Fleadh Ceoil 
had about sixteen items recorded in the streets of Castleblaney,
County Monaghan, where the All-Ireland Fleadh was held that year 1964.
1964   The Hoot'nanny Show   Waverley ZLP 2032

Recordings made around Edinburgh 1962 - 1963. Includes one track -
Mason's Apron - by Barney McKenna accompanied by Ronnie Drew. It is
believed to have been recorded before The Dubliners commenced in 1962.
Tom Beveridge reports that this is Volume 2, introduced and produced
by W.Gordon Smith, recorded in Edinburgh.

1964   Folk Festival - Festival Folk   Waverley   ZLP 2033
                           Reissued as World Record Club   WRC ST890

Recorded live at the 1963 Edinburgh Festival with The Corries,
Ray & Archie Fisher etc. Regarded by some as first Dubliners album.
Includes following tracks:

Barnyards of Dalgety (led by Luke Kelly)
I'm a Rover   The Dubliners
Sweets of May   The Dubliners
Father Murphy's Air   Barney McKenna
Peggy Lettermore   The Dubliners

In addition support is provided on the following tracks:

Bog Down in the Valley-O
Air Falalalo

Phyllis Malcolm reports that she possesses a single of Barney McKenna
playing the Mason's Apron backed with Father Murphy's Air
both taken from the Waverley LPs.

1964   Irish Folk Night   Decca   LK 4633

Recorded live at Folksong El Toro, London, 29 June 1964, and also
includes Margaret Barry, Michael Gorman etc.

The Dubliners tracks are:

Little Beggarman
Sweets of May
Ratcliffe Highway
Three Lovely Lasses
Down by the Liffeyside
Bonny Lass of Fyvie

In addition Luke Kelly sings with Dave Phillips on two tracks:

Wild Mountain Thyme
Gentleman Soldier

Surprisingly Decca have never reissued this album or used any of the
material in compilations. This album was actually released immediately
following the first Transatlantic release.

The Dubliners..1964

The original and long-standing line-up was Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly,
Ciaron Bourke, Barney McKenna and John Sheehan. Bobby Lynch replaced
Luke Kelly for the second Transatlantic LP.

1964   The Dubliners                     Transatlantic  TRA 116

The Wild Rover
The Ragman's Ball
Preab San Ol
High Reel
The Holy Ground
Tramps and Hawkers
Home Boys Home

Rocky Road to Dublin
Banks of the Roses
I'll tell my Ma
Swallow's Tail Reel
Jar of Porter
Love is Pleasing
The Nightingale

Released as `The Dubliners with Luke Kelly'. Luke Kelly was more
`out' than `in' the Dubliners at this time. 

This album was reissued as `The Dubliners in Session' (Hallmark SHM 652)
with a label date of 1964 although the reissue was about 1970.
Three tracks were cut from this reissue:

The Ragman's Ball
I'll tell my Ma
The Nightingale

The Ragman's Ball and I'll tell my Ma appeared on the compilation
`It's The Dubliners' (Hallmark HM 615, 1969). The Nightingale
was reissued on `The Patriot Game' (Hallmark SHM 738, 1971).

Paul Magnussen points out that the tune labelled The Swallow Tail Reel
is in fact a medley of The Swallow Tail Reel (O'Neill 536) and The High Reel
(O'Neill 721) from O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland.

The tune labelled The High Reel is actually a medley of two totally
different tunes. The second one is certainly The Boyne Hunt (O'Neill 514,
Willie Clancy 142). The first one resembles The Beauty Spot
and has been recorded elsewhere as Joe Madden's Reel and Gorman's Reel.

Paul Magnussen now reports....

According to Barney, the title of the first tune is "Códháirdeachais",
meaning "Congratulations".  (This an old, i.e. pre-1948 spelling; the
current spelling would be "Comhghairdeas")

So the mystery is explained.

The Dubliners in Concert..1965

1965   The Dubliners in Concert          Transatlantic  TRA 124

Recorded live at Cecil Sharp House, London, 4 December 1964.
Luke Kelly had by now left The Dubliners and was replaced on
this album by Bobby Lynch. (His only recording with the group).
This album also marks the recording debut of John Sheehan.

Roddy MacCorley
The Twang Man
Sligo Maid/Colonel Rodney
The Woman from Wexford
The Patriot Game
Roisin Dubh
Air --- Fa La La Lo

Peggy Lettermore
Easy and Slow
My Love is in America
The Kerry Recruit
The Old Orange Flute
The Donegal Reel/The Longford Collector
The Leaving of Liverpool

In 1989 the German Line label issued a CD 'Dubliners Anthology' (LC 0372) which features 12 tracks from the Transatlantic years. One of them - 'Sea Shanty' - is actually a live version of 'Roddy McCorley'. The arrangement is similar to the one on the 'In Concert' LP. Ciaran sings it, reports Jens Kaufmann.

And Jens Kaufmann also reports that there is a different studio version of 'The Kerry Recruit', sung by Ronnie with banjo accompaniement by Barney, on the Transatlantic Double LP 'The Best of The Dubliners Volume 2'. Jens thinks this may be a very early unissued recording from the first Transatlantic session, as there is a nearly identical 1962-version on the CD 'Ceolnah Eireann - The Traditional Music of Ireland from the Sound Archives of RTE' - also featuring Ronnie and Barney.

Finnegan Wakes..1966

Recorded at The Gate Theatre, Dublin, during March 1966. Luke Kelly returns with Bobby Lynch departing.

1966   Finnegan Wakes                   Transatlantic  TRA 139

Finnegan's Wake
Sunshine Hornpipe/The Mountain Road
The Dublin Fusiliers
Chief O'Neill's Favourite
The Sea around us

McAlpine's Fusiliers
Hot Asphalt
The Glendalough Saint
Within a mile of Dublin
Will you come to the Bower
Nelson's Farewell

The Best of The Dubliners..1967

1967   The Best of The Dubliners        Transatlantic  TRA 158

       This album is culled from TRA SP 3, TRA SP 8, TRA SP 9, 
       TRA 116, TRA 124, TRA EP 136, TRA 139.

Off to Dublin in the Green
Sunshine Hornpipe; The Mountain Road
Will You Come to the Bower
Peggy Lettermore
Donegal Reel; The Longford Collector
Roddy McCorley

I'll Tell My Ma
The Mason's Apron
The Foggy Dew
The Old Orange Flute
Roisin Dubh
The Holy Ground

The Transatlantic EPs

EP's (Extended Play) records: super singles containing four or five
tracks were very popular in the late Fifties/ early Sixties and usually
contained material culled from albums. But occasionally containing
material not used on albums. The Dubliners released four EP's with
Transatlantic Records. Two certainly contained material not found on
the contemporary albums and it is believed the other two did in fact
contain material extracted from albums. These EP's are now rarer than
gold dust. Eddie Kelly has been tracking them down for over twenty
years and so far has found only one - In Person - the only copy he has 
ever seen. Amazingly Per Solli of Norway has supplied the missing tracks.

1964    In Person featuring Ronnie Drew  TRA EP 121

Eddie Kelly believes that the tracks on this record were recorded at
the same session that produced the first Transatlantic album. The
tracks have never been reissued or used in any compilation to date.
But now Transatlantic have a reissue series and the tracks are released
on the second volume.

Tracks are:

Rare Old Mountain Dew
McAlpine's Fusiliers
Willie Gannon
Mrs McGrath

The last three tracks now turn up on the second CD of 'Ageless Classics - The
Transatlantic Years revisited' (SMD CD 160), a 30-track double-CD released on 
the Snapper label in 1998 reports Jens Kaufmann. Unfortunately 'Mountain Dew' 
is missing.

1965   The Dubliners Sampler   TRA EP 129

Per Solli states:

Peggy Lettermore
The Ragman's Ball
The Sligo Maid/Colonel Rodney
Home Boys Home

All included on `It's The Dubliners' (Hallmark HM 615, 1969) apart
from `Home Boys Home' which is on `The Patriot Game' (Hallmark SHM 738, 1971).

1966   Mainly Barney   TRA EP 136

Per Sollo states:

King of the Fairies
The Mason's Apron
Kitty come down from Limerick
The Cuilin

All included on `The Patriot Game' (Hallmark SHM 738, 1971)

1967   More of The Dubliners   TRA EP 152

Eddie Kelly has never seen a copy of this record. Track content
not known but probably contains reissued material as group was now
with Major Minor Records.

Per Solli states:

Master McGrath
Walking in the Dew
The Cook in the Kitchen

All included on `It's the Dubliners' (Hallmark HM 615).

The Hallmark Compilations

1969   It's The Dubliners   HM 615

Included because content includes material not found on albums
but may have been included in EP's.

Master McGrath
Walking in the Dew
Cook in the Kitchen
Sligo Maid/Colonel Rodney 

Peggy Lettermore
Ragman's Ball
I'll tell my Ma
Mason's Apron
Woman from Wexford

1971   The Patriot Game   SHM 738

Included because content includes material not found on albums
but may have been included in EP's.

Patriot Game
The Cuilin
Unnamed Instrumental 1
I Wish (Love is Pleasing)
Unnamed Instrumental 2
Home Boys Home

The Nightingale
KIng of the Fairies/ Mason's Apron
Kitty come down from Limerick
My Love is in America
Rocky Road to Dublin

Seven Drunken Nights..1967

1967   Seven Drunken Nights             EMI Starline   SRS 5059
                                        Major Minor   MMLP3
                                        Epic BE801  (A Canadian CBS label)
       Produced by Tommy Scott

On its original release on Major Minor Records this was
called `A Drop of The Hard Stuff'. Charles reports that on his
radio station promo copy on Epic Records 'I'm A Free Born Man' is the title 
of 'The Travelling People'.

Seven Drunken Nights
The Galway Races
The Old Alarm Clock
Colonel Fraser & O'Rourke's Reel
The Rising of the Moon
I'm a Rover

Weila Waile
The Travelling People
Limerick Rake
Zoological Gardens
The Fairmoye Lasses and Sporting Paddy
Black Velvet Band
Poor Paddy on the Railway

More of the Hard Stuff..1967

1967   More of the Hard Stuff               EMI Starline   SRS 5155
                                            Major Minor Records   MMLP5

Muirsheen Durkin'
Poor Old Dicey Reilly
A Nation Once Again
Whiskey in the Jar
The Old Triangle
A Pub with no Beer
Kelly, the Boy from Killan

Croppy Boy
Sullivan's John
Come and Join the British Army
Shoals of Herring
Mormon Braes
Drink it up men
Maloney wants a drink

Drinkin' and Courtin'..1968

1968   Drinkin' and Courtin'           Major Minor Records   MMLP14

Dirty Old Town
Quare Bungle Rye
Peggy Gordon
Rattling Roaring Willie
Carolan's Concerto
The Herring
The Parting Glass

Maids when you're young...
Gentleman Soldier
Hand me down me petticoat
Donkey Reel
I know my Love
Mrs McGrath
Maid of the sweet brown knowe
My little son

Seven Deadly Sins..1968

1968 Seven Deadly Sins                EMI Starline   SRS 5101
                                      Major Minor   MMLP34

On its original release on Major Minor Records it was called
`At It Again'.

Seven Deadly Sins
Net Hauling Song
Nancy Whiskey
Many Young Men of Twenty
Instrumental Medley: Paddy's Gone to France; Skylark
Molly Bawn
The Dundee Weaver

The Irish Navy
Tibby Dunbar
The Inniskillen Dragoons
Instrumental Medley: The Piper's Chair; Bill Hart's Jig; 
  The Knights of St. Patrick
I Wish I Were Back in Liverpool
Darby O'Leary
Go to sea no more

Live at the Albert Hall..1969

1969   Live at the Albert Hall          Major Minor   MMLP44

Black Velvet Band
McAlpines Fusiliers
Donkey Reel
Peggy Gordon
Weila Weala
Cork Hornpipe
Leaving of Liverpool

Dublin in the Green
Whiskey on a Sunday
I wish I was back in Liverpool
Navvy Boots
Whiskey in the Jar
Maids when you're young...
Seven Drunken Nights

A Drop of the Dubliners..1969

1969   A Drop of The Dubliners         Major Minor   SMCP5024

A compilation album containing previously issued Major Minor recordings,
with the inclusion of one track never previously issued and not
appearing on any subsequent reissues - Lock up your Daughters.

Other tracks:

Seven Drunken Nights
Black Velvet Band
Muirsheen Durkin'
Carolan's Concerto
Whiskey in the Jar
Maloney wants a drink
Maids when you're young...
Weila Waile
Quare Bungle Rye
Irish Navy
Donkey Reel
Old Alarm Clock
Rising of the Moon

Drinking and Wenching

1968    Drinking and Wenching             Music for Pleasure MFP 50245

Robert Pollard reports this compilation

Seven Drunken Nights
A Pub with no beer
Poor Old Dicey Riley
Sullivan's John
Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
Black Velvet Band

Limerick Rake
Maids, when you're young never wed an old man
Quare Bungle Rye
Maloney wants a drink
Zoological Gardens
Nancy Whiskey

At Home..1969

1969     At Home                          EMI Columbia   SCX 6380

God Save Ireland
Sam Hall
Scholar Teetotaller
Dainty Davy
High Germany
Humpty Dumpty

Molly Maguires
Lowlands of Holland
Ragtime Annie
Greenland Whale Fishery
The Saxon Shilling


1970   Revolution                       EMI Columbia   SCX 6423

       Production: Martin Coulter

Alabama 58
The Captains and The Kings
School Days Over
Se' Fath Mo Bhuartha
Scorn not his simplicity
For what died the Sons of Roison
Joe Hill

Ojos Negros
The Button Pusher
The Bonny Boy
The Battle of the Somme; Freedom Come All Ye
Biddy Mulligan
The Peat Bog Soldiers


1972   Hometown                       EMI Columbia   SCX 6492

A short lived release with no publicity and no known reissue has
made this a very rare Dubliners recording. Possibly the cannabilisation
of Raglan Road accounting for its lack of performance. Recorded
live at the National Stadium, Dublin 1971.

Molly Maguires
Take it down from the mast
Sons of Roisin
Barney's Mozart
Raglan Road Part 1

Raglan Road Part 2
The Comical Genius
The Breeze
Octupus Jig
Hand me down m' Bible

Double Dubliners..1972

1972   Double Dubliners                 EMI Columbia   SCX 6513

       Recorded at Trend Studios, Dublin, and Spot Studios, London.
       Produced by Phil Coulter.

Free the People
Louse-House in Kilkenny
The Musical Priest; Blackthorn Stick
Champion at Keeping them rolling
The Sun is Burning

Gentleman Soldier
The Rebel
Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Drops of Brandy; Lady Carbery
Smith of Bristol
The Night Visiting Song

Plain & Simple..1973

During the Polydor period the Dubliners albums in Ireland were
released by Chyme & Ram Records. A couple of original albums
slipped out on other labels.

1973   Plain & Simple                   Polydor        2383 235 Super

       Produced by Phil Coulter

Donegal Danny
Queen of the Fair; The Tongs by the Fire
Fiddlers Green
Johnson's Motor Car
The Wonder Hornpipe
The Jail of Cluan Meala

The Town I loved so well
The Ballad of Ronnie's Mare
The Three Sea Captains
Rebellion: Wrap the green flag round me boys; The West's awake;
   A Nation once again

Phyllis Malcolm reports that two French LPs were recorded at
the L'Orient Festival in 1973 and one of them has a track by
the Dubliners. Oddly it appears twice - once as Side One
Track One and again at the end of Side Two. It consists of
John Sheahan playing The Hanged Man's Reel and Colonel Rodney.
The label is Concert Hall.

The Dubliners Live..1974

1974   The Dubliners Live               Polydor        2383 266 Super

       Recorded at the Fiesta Club, Sheffield.
       Produced by Phil Coulter.

Last recordings by Ciaron Bourke.

Fermoy Lasses; Sporting Paddy
Black Velvet Band
Whiskey in the Jar
All for me grog
The Belfast Hornpipe; Tim Maloney
The Four Poster Bed; Colonel Rodney
Finnigans Wake
McAlpines Fusiliers 

Seven Drunken Nights
Reels: The Scholar; The Teetotaller; The High Reel
Home Boys Home
Dirty Old Town
Blue Mountain Rag
The Wild Rover
Weila Waile
The Holy Ground


Ciaran Bourke left because of ill health. 
Ronnie Drew went solo and was replaced by Jim McCann for the next album.

Peter Dwyer reports that Ronnie Drew recorded a solo album `Guaranteed'
in 1978 on Dolphin Records (DOLM 5021). Musicians were Eamonn Campbell,
John Drummond, Eddie Furey, Des Moore, Paddy Roach and John Sheahan.

1975   Now                           Polydor        2383 329 Super

Farewell to Carlingford
The Old Triangle
The Beggarman
Matt Hyland
The Downfall of Paris

Lord of the Dance
Lifeboat Mona
Farewell to Ireland
The Unquiet Grave
Lord Inchiquin
The Lark in the Morning

Parcel O' Rogues..1976

1976   A Parcel of Rogues             Polydor   2383 387 Super

       Recorded at Dublin Sound Studios, February, 1976.
       Produced by Earl Gill.

Spanish Lady
Foggy Dew
Kid On The Mountain
The Acrobats; Village Bells
Blantyre Explosion

False Hearted Lover
Thirty Foot Trailer
Doherty's Reel; Down The Broom; The Honeymoon Reel
Parcel Of Rogues
Killieburne Brae

15 Years On..1977

1977   15 Years On          Polydor   2683 070

Wild Rover
Ploughboy Lads
Three Sea Captains
Seven Drunken Nights
Belfast Hornpipe/ Tim Maloney

Black Velvet Band
Last Night's Fun/ Congress Reel
Banks of Sweet Primroses
Weila Weile
Four Green Fields

Town I Loved so Well
Spancil Hill
McAlpines Fusiliers
Old Triangle

Spanish Lady
O'Carolan's Concerto
Thirty Foot Trailer
Down by the Glenside
Fiddlers Green
Molly Malone

Paul Magnussen reports that the instrumental track Salamanca is a medley of
Snow on the Hills (O'Neill 569) and The Salamanca Reel (O'Neill 603).

Live at Montreux..1977

1977   Live at Montreux         Intercord   INT 160.054

Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz & Folk Festival 1976.
This release marked the final recording of Jim McCann with The Dubliners.

Fermoy Lassies
Lark in the Morning
Four Green Fields
Sheahan's Selection

Town I love so well
Kelly, the boy from Killane
Mason's Apron
Montreux - Monto

Together Again..1979

Now there are four of them. Jim McCann has left and Ronnie Drew returns. 

1979   Together Again                   Polydor        2383 545
                                      Chime          CHLP 1012

       Recorded at Trend Studios, Dublin, and Lombard Sound, Dublin,
       February-May, 1979.
       Produced by Pete St. John.

The Mero
The Rare Ould Times
Spey in spate; The Steam Packet
Danny Farrell
Song of the Iron Road
The Old Man

Johnny McGrory
The Lag Song
Sheahan's M I Gig
And the Band played Waltzing Matilda
Maid behind the bar; Toss the feathers
The Parting Glass

21 Years On..1983

1983   21 Years On                      RTE 74

Recorded live at National Concert Hall, Dublin, 30 March 1983.
Recording debut of Sean Cannon following Luke Kelly's illness in 1980.

Instrumentally Speaking
Finnegans Wake
Banks of the Roses
Button Pusher
Prodigal Son

Bantry Girls Lament
Sweet Georgia Brown
Seven Drunken Nights
Flop Eared Mule

Prodigal Sons..1983

Luke Kelly died on 30th January 1984 and a commemorative album of his singing: `Luke's Legacy'
was issued. He was replaced by Sean Cannon. Nigel Warren Green seems to
have filled in for Luke on tour during his illness.

`Luke's Legacy' (Chyme CHCD 1031) contains two unreleased tracks:

Song for Ireland
Raglan Road (Only release of full version which was cannabilised
   for the `Hometown' album.) 

Other tracks are:

Wild Rover
Schooldays Over
Joe Hill
The Auld Triangle
Whiskey in the Jar
Hand me down me Bible
Free the people
Peat Bog soldiers
LIfeboat Mona
Springhill Disaster
Gartan Mothers Lullaby

1983   Prodigal Sons                    Polydor        POLD 5079
                                      Chyme          CHLP 1030

       Produced by Bill Whelan

Building up & tearing England down
Jigs: My Darling asleep; Paddy in London; An tAthair Jack Walsh
Newry Highwayman
When Margaret was Eleven
Prodigal Son

Wareford Boys
Now I'm Easy
Reels: The Humours of Scarif; The Flannel Jacket
The Hens March to the Midden
Song for Ireland
Second World Song

That seems to be all the vinyl albums. Now we move onto the CDs.

Live in Carré..1985

1985   Live in Carré                     Polydor   825 681-2

       Recorded live in Amsterdam, 6 October 1983.
       Contains last recordings of Luke Kelly.

Sweets of May
Dicey Reilly
Song for Ireland
Building up and tearing England down
Dunphy's/ Leitrim Fancy/ Down the broom
Dirty Old Town
Old Triangle
Whiskey in the Jar
Waterford Boys
Humours of Scariff/ Flannel Jacket
Galway Races
Prodigal Son
The Sick Note
Wild Rover
Seven Drunken Nights


The next album was recorded for their 25th anniversary.

1987   Celebration                Stylus   SMD 731

       Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin.
       Produced by Eamonn Campbell.
       Executive Producer John Sheahan


Rose of Allendale
Reels: Cooleys; The Dawn; Mullingar Races
Now I'm Easy (with Stockton's Wing)
Sally Wheatley
Oro Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Irish Rover (with The Pogues)
Molly Malone
Protect and Survive
Planxty Irwin (with Michael Howard - Classical Guitar)
Three Score and Ten
Don't Get Married
Luke - A Tribute (Christy Moore)


Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Cill Chais
Cunla (with Stockton's Wing)
Jigs: Humours of Glendart; Saddle the Pony; Brian O'Lynn
Leaving Nancy
O'Connell's Steam Engine (Paddy Reilly)
Rambling Rover
The Last of the Great Whales
Mountain Dew (with The Pogues)
Red Roses for Me (with Finbar Furey & Siobhan Sheahan [harp])
Marion Waltz
Cod Liver Oil
I Loved the Ground She Walked Upon (Jim McCann)
Love is Pleasing
Sick Note

Willy Verheulpen reports that the track `Irish Rover' was also released
as 4th track of The Pogues album `Best of The Pogues' with Ronnie Drew
as 2nd lead vocalist.

The Dubliners' Dublin..1988

The Dubliners' Dublin  1993  Castle Communications  CLACD 337 
                       1988  Harmac  HMC 88

with Eammon Campbell bringing them up to five again. I think this
was originally released in 1988 by the Irish label, Baycourt.
I bought it.

     Recorded at Windmill Studios, Dublin
     Produced by Eamonn Campbell

Finnegan's Wake
Raglan Road
The Zoological Gardens
Hornpipes: The Honeysuckle; The Golden Eagle
Sez She
Three Lovely Lasses From Kimmage
Johnny Doyle
Weile Waile
Bombo Lane
The Monto
The Old Triangle
The Dublin Jack of All Trades
Dicey Reilly
Reels: Ril Gan Ainm; Sheehan's Reel; Jenny's Wedding
The Ragman's Ball
Seven Drunken Nights
Christ Church
Spanish Lady
The Rare Oul' Times

Dublin Songs..1988

Other original tracks I have are on the `Dublin Songs'                                                       
album originally released by K-TEL in 1988. This is available in
CD as

1991 Dublin Songs             Music Collection International    MCCD 042

2 The Rocky Road to Dublin ... Within a Mile of Dublin
     (Instrumental Medley) The Dubliners
5 Rare Ould Times
     The Dubliners
14 The Auld Triangle
     The Dubliners
16 Anna Liffey
     The Dubliners   
19 Jem
     Ronnie Drew

30 Years A'Greying..1992

30 Years A'Greying  1992  Baycourt  RTE-CD 157-30

again with Eammon Campbell. A 2-CD set.
Jens Kilian has sent a track list of `30 Years A'Greying'. 
I have since bought it.
The Dubliners 30 Years A-Greying            RTE CD 157-302, 157-301
                                            Castle Communications ESD CD 423
    with Billy Connolly, De Danaan, Rory Gallagher, Hot House Flowers,
    The Pogues
    Rory Boyle, Kevin Conniffe, Keith Donald, John Drummond,  
    Aisling Drury Byrne, Rory Gallagher, Noel Healy, Michael Howard,
    Jimmy Kelly, Charlie Lennon, JIm Leverton, Des Moore, Martin O'Connor

    All tracks produced by Eamonn Campbell,
    except `I'm asking your sergeant where's mine';
    produced by Phil Coulter.

    Executive producer John Sheahan
    Engineer Tim Martin
    Engineer's assistant Lorcan Keogh

    All tracks recorded and mixed at Westland Studios, Dublin.
    February-June 1992, except `Barley and Grape Rag' recorded at
    Raezor Studios London, 30th May 1992.
    Mastered at Trend Studios, Dublin.

CD 1
The Rose                                (with the Hot House Flowers)
Eileen Òg
Jigs: The Fisherman's Lilt/Tobin's Fancy/Peggy's Jig
The Death Of The Bear
The Galway Shawl
Jockey To The Fair
The Pool Song
Barley And Grape Rag                    (with Rory Gallagher)
I'm Asking You Sergeant Where's Mine    (with Billy Connolly)
The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
Flowers Of Normandy
Phil The Fluter's Ball
Bantry Girl's Lament
Will The Circle Be Unbroken             (with Eleanor Shanley, Rory Gallagher)
The Auld Triangle                       (featuring Luke Kelly)

Sands Of Sudan
The Manchester Rambler
Drag That Fiddle
The Call And The Answer
Boots Of Spanish Leather                (with De Dannan)
Hornpipes: The Tailor's Twist/Ryan's Hornpipe
I'll Tell Me Ma
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Whiskey In The Jar                      (with The Pogues)
Reels: Love At The Endings/The Old Bush/The Maids Of Castlebar
Liverpool Lou
What Will We Tell The Children
I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day

Paddy Reilly has replaced Ronnie Drew and a new album is now out.

Further Along..1996

1996   Further Along  Transatlantic (Castle Communications) TRA CD 243

   Paddy Reilly, John Sheahan, Seán Cannon, Barney McKenna, Eamonn Campbell

   Peter Brown, Kevin Conniffe, Steve Cooney, John Drummond, Noel Healy,
   Jimmy Kelly, Paul Kelly, Frankie Lane, Mick O'Brien.

   Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin and Park House Studios, Clonee,
   in January, February and March 1996.

   Mixed at Westland Studios, Dublin, by Tim Martin.

   Mastered at Trend Studios, Dublin, by Mary Kettle.

   Engineered by Tim Martin.
   Assisted by Dave Slevin and Ed Kenehan at Westland Studios
   and Peter Sheerin at Park House Studios.

   Produced by Eamonn Campbell and John Sheahan.

   Executive Producer Brian Hand.

Step it out Mary
Back in Durham Gaol
Reels: (a) Sailing In (b) Alice's Reel
Coming of the Road
If you ever go to Dublin Town
Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí
Dirty Old Town
Tá An Coileach Ag Fógairt An Lae
St.Patrick's Cathedral
The crack was ninety in the Isle of Man
Song for Ireland
Job of Journey work
Cavan Girl
Further Along
Jigs: (a) Miss Zanussi (b) St.Martin's Day 
Working Man

Alive Alive O..1997

1997   Alive Alive O   Baycourt   BAY CD 97

  This is a live double CD recorded at concerts in Germany. Information
  sent by Wil van Leeuwen and Eddie Kelly.


1.(a) Fermoy Lassies
  (b) Sporting Paddy
2. The Banks of the Roses
3. The Black Velvet Band
4. The Foggy Dew
5. The Town I Loved So Well
6.(a) The Showman's Fancy 
  (b) The Wonder Hornpipe 
  (c) The Swallow's Tail
7. The Sick Note
8. The Manchester Rambler
9.(a) The Job of Journey Work
  (b) The Cork Hornpipe
10.(a) The Maid Behind The Bar
   (b) The Boyne Hunt
   (c) The Shaskeen Reel
   (d) The Mason's Apron


1. Kelly The Boy From Killane
2. The Fields Of Athenry
3. Step It Out Mary
4.(a) Chief O'Neills Hornpipe
  (b) Ryan's Hornpipe
  (c) The Mullingar Races
5. South Australia
6. Dirty Old Town
7. Among Friends (with Ceoliadh Sheehan)
8. Drag That Fiddle 
9. Whiskey In The Jar
10. The Wild Rover
11. Molly Malone 

40 Years..2002

2002  40 Years  Baycourt  BAY CD 070

  The details were sent to me by Roland Birchby and it is a
  mixture of compilation and new tracks to accompany their
  farewell tour in which the current Dubliners, with Ronnie Drew
  and Jim McCann, are taking part. All Dubliners seem to have
  a track on the CD which is distributed by Celtic Collections Ltd.,
  30-32 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland, whose website

1. Don't Give Up 'Til It's Over (Ronnie - 2002)
2. Lord of the Dance (Jim - 2002)
3. Dancing at Whitsun (Paddy -2002 )
4. When the Boys come rolling home (Sean - 2002) 
5. Raglan Road (Luke - 1983)
6.(a) Rocky Road to Dublin (b) Within a mile of Dublin 
      (Barney and John - 1988) 
7. The Last Thing on my Mind (Paddy - 2002)
8. Grace (Jim - 2002)
9. Preab San Ol (Luke and Cioran - 1963)
10.(a) Plains of Boyle (b) Sheaf of Wheat
       (Barney and John - 2002)
11. Seven Drunken Nights (Ronnie - 1968)
12. The Kerry Recruit (Bob - 1964)
13. The Town I loved so well (Luke - 1973)
14.(a) Gerry Cronin's Reel (b) Denis Langton's Reel (John - 2002)
15. Carrickfergus (Jim - 2002)
16. Viva La Quinta Brigada (Ronnie - 2002)
17. All For Me Grog (Cioran - 1968)
18. Marino Casino (John and Eamonn - 2002)
19. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Paddy - 2002)
20. The Irish Rover (The Dubliners and The Pogues - 1987)

The Dubliners Live 40th..2002

2002  The Dubliners 40 Years: Live from the Gaiety  Celtic Collections  CCCD 290

The Dubliners on this album are Ronnie Drew, Barney McKenna, John Sheahan, Jim McCann,
Sean Cannon, Eamonn Campbell, Paddy Reilly.

   Produced by David Donaghy
   Sound Engineer Brian Nartey


1. The Black Velvet Band
2. The Foggy Dew
3. The Banks of The Roses
4. Carrickfergus
5. McAlpine's Fusiliers
6. Seven Drunken Nights
7. Don't Give Up 'Til It's Over
8. South Australia
9. Dublin In The Rare Old Times

      42:10 minutes


1. Whiskey In The Jar
2. Grace
3. (a) The Showman's Fancy
   (b) The Wonder Hornpipe
   (c) The Swallow's Tail
4. The Wild Rover
5. Raglan Road
6. Roisin The Bow
7. The Fields of Athenry
8. (a) Marino Casino
   (b) Gerry Cronins Reel
   (c) Denis Langtons Reel
   (d) The Irish Washerwoman
9. Dirty Old Town
10. The Irish Rover
11. Molly Malone

      50:06 minutes

Catherine McCauliff has created a Paddy Reilly homepage. It disappeared but I hope it returns.

Sadly Ronnie Drew died 16 August 2008. Here is his Wikipedia page... Ronnie Drew