The Singles

Per Solli supplies a list of singles:

Wild rover/Rocky road to Dublin                 Transatlantic   TRA SP 1
Roisin dubh/Greenland whale fisheries           Transat.        TRA SP 3
Surrounded by water/Off to Dublin in the green  Transat.        TRA SP 8
Nelson`s farewell/The foggy dew                 Transat.        TRA SP 9
Seven drunken nights/Paddy on the railway       Major Minor     MM 506
All for me grog/I know my love                  Major M.        MM 521
Black velvet band/Maloney wants a drink         Major M         MM 530
Maids,when you're young../Quare bungle Rye      Major M         MM 531
Dirty old town/Peggy Gordon                     Major M         MM 552
Seven deadly sins/The Irish navy                Major M         MM 572
Navvy boots/The comical genius                  Major M         MM 608
Poor Paddy on the railway/A pub with no beer    Major M         MAM 534 Y
Hand me down me bible/Scorn not his simplicity  Columbia        5c006-92465
Molly Maguires/Bold princess Royal              Col.            DB 8671
Cunla dear/Sam Hall                             Col.            ?
Joe Hill/The Louse-house in Kilkenny            Col.            DB 8722
Free the people/The beggarman                   Plough          PLS.003
Peggy Gordon/Whiskey in the jar/The Irish navy  Col.            MIDB.829
Four green fields/Lark in the morning           Intercord       192.503   (G)
Now I'm easy/From Johann to John                Chyme           CHS 1001 (IRE)
When Margret was eleven/Prodigal son            Chyme           CHS 1002
Button pusher/Midnight oil                      Stoic           STS 001
Irish rover/The rare ould mountain dew          Stiff           BUY 258
Don't get married girls/Jigs                    Harmac          HMS 13
Jack's heroes/Whiskey in the jar                WEA             YZ 500
The rose/red roses for me/The rose (instr.)     London          HM FCD 5
Will the circle be unbroken/I'll tell me ma     Baucourt rec.   Bay 001
Red roses for me/The rose of Allendale/
Red roses for me (instr.)                       Raglan rec.     8510 522

Olle Serin reports that the version of `All for me grog' on the single
is not the same as the one released on the compilation issues
`Whisky on a Sunday' (EMI Starline OU 2045) and `Original Dubliners 1966-1969' 
(EMI CDP 789066 2, EMI CDP 789067 2). On the single Ronnie sings lead,
on the other Ciaron.

Some of the Major Minor were also released in Germany on Ariola, and Sweden
on Sonet. Some with alternative B sides.

We already had information on two of them and have retained the info:

1990   Jack's Heroes      WEA YZ 500C

       with The Pogues

Jack's Heroes
Whiskey in the Jar

1991   The Rose (Charity single)   London Records   HHF MC5 

       with Hothouse Flowers

The Rose
Red Roses for me
The Rose (Extended version)

Solo Albums

1.a Luke Kelly   1973   Ram Records

Thank you for the days
The sun is burning

1.b Luke Kelly  Thank you for the days   1999   Ferndale Films

McAlpine's Fusiliers
Walking in the Dew
Rocky Road to Dublin
The Kerry Recruit
The Galway Races
The Brown and Yellow Ale
The Hot Asphalt
The Jolly Tinker
Come My Little Son

2. John Sheahan   In our own time   1987   Harmac  HM 39

   with Michael Howard

Marino Waltz
A Trip to Zurich
Spanish Point
The Midpoint Oil
The Ha'penny Bridge
The Celtic Dervish

Knights of Old
Prodigal Son
Autumn in Paris
Sugarloaf Mountain Rag
Humours of Peacockstown
Green Fields

3. Eamonn Campbell   Romantic Rhapsody   1987   Harmac HM 33

Speak Softly Love
You Don't Send Me Flowers
Recuerdos De La Alhambra
David's Theme
If I Loved You
Moon River

Lara's Theme
Go Thoughts on Golden Wings
Only Love
Come Back to Sorrento
Isle of Inisfree
As Time goes by

4.a Ronnie Drew   Ronnie Drew  1975   RAM RMLP

Building up and tearing England down
Irish Rover
James Larkin
Whack fal da diddle
Finnegan's Wake
Master McGrath
Van Diemen's Land
A bunch of red roses
The old man
Ya remember Jem
Weila weiala weiale
The old triangle
The beggarman

4.b Ronnie Drew   Guaranteed   1978   Dolphin DOCM 5021

Dublin City Theme; The Mero; Johnny McGory
Gas from a burner; Easy & Slow
Second world; Gunner McGee
Peace; And the Band played Waltzing Matilda

The Mero; O'Duffy's Ironsides
Do you remember Jem; Barney Brown
British Army; The Captains and The Kings
Dandelion Market; Departed Man; Danny Farrell

[released on CD as `Guaranteed Dubliner'  Dolphin DOCDX 9018]

4.c Ronnie Drew   Dirty Rotten Shame   1995   COL 481413 2

Gardiner Street Blues
Do you want my job
The Dunes
One last cold kiss
Dirty rotten shame
Drinkin' in the day
Viva la quine brigada
Happy as a baby
Far off fields
True Ron Ron
Brothers in arms

4.d Ronnie Drew   The Irish Rover   1996   CDRON 001

No details of track content.

Eddie Kelly reports that this is a cover version of earlier Dubliners
recordings, and some tracks do not feature Ronnie Drew as vocalist.
Obviously a record company cashing in, and should not be included in
original releases.

4.e Ronnie Drew   The Humour is on me now   1999   Dolphin TOLCD 10

The Humour is on me now
Always Remember
Since Maggie Went Away
Red Roses for me
Limerick Rake
Clearing a Space
Raglan Road
If Ever You go to Dublin Town
Courtin' in the Kitchen
Two Island Swans
The Dunes
The Black Velvet Band
The Dingle Puck Goat
We Had it all

5.a Sean Cannon   The Roving Journeyman   1977   Cottage COT 411

Roving Journeyman
Wild Rover
My Lagan Love
Green fields of Canada
Banks of the Bann

When a Man's in Love
Sally Gardens
Merrily kiss the Quaker's wife
Lambs on the green hills
Song for Ireland

5.b Sean Cannon   Erin the Green   Oghah BLB 5004

The Newry Highwayman
Banks of the Bann
Bantry Girls Lament
Siuil Arun
Bay of Biscay

Yellow Bittern
Red haired man's wife
Ned of the Hill (Eamon an Chnuic)
Bonny Bunch of Roses
Erin the Green

5.c The Cannons: James & Sean   

Song With No Name
Rare Auld Mountain Dew
Golden Hair
Courtin' In The Kitchen
Jock Stewart

6. Bobby Lynch   Bob Lynch - From the Land of Carolan   1980   CBS 84268


Bob Lynch: Vocals, gutiar
Paddy Fitzgerald: Fiddle
Johnny Way: Banjo, Mandolin
Des Moore: Bass Gutiar
Recorded at: Windmill Studios
Engineer: Paul Waldron
Produced by: Jackie Hayden

Side 1

Nut Brown Maiden
Henry My Son
The Ould Triangle/ Weila Weila Waile
Step It Out Mary
Green Fields of France
An Chualain
Whiskey In The Jar

Side 2

The Rare Ould Times
Irish Soldier Laddie
Dicey Riley/ Courtin In The Kitchen
Reilly's Daughter
Poor Old Dublin Town
The Town I Loved So Well
Danny Boy/ Old Maid In a Garret

Contributions to other artists' albums

1. The World's Greatest Ceilidh Band   1984   Millstream   MILP 1001

Live recordings at Tonder (Denmark) Folk Festival, 30 August 1981.
The following tracks are relevant:

Side 1 Track 1  John Sheahan
The Kesh Jig/ Morrisons/ Tripping Upstairs
Side 1 Track 2  John Sheahan & Barney McKenna
Ye Banks and Braes
Side 1 Track 5  John Sheahan & Barney McKenna
Downfall of Paris
Side 2 Track 1  John Sheahan & Barney McKenna
Old French
Side 2 Track 2  John Sheahan & Barney McKenna
Golden Eagle/ Chief O'Neill's
Side 2 Track 3  John Sheahan & Barney McKenna
Freedom Come All Ye
Side 2 Track 5  John Sheehan
City of Savannah
Side 2 Track 7  John Sheehan & Barney McKenna
Merry Blacksmith/ High Reel

2. Phil Coulter   Words & Music   1989   Telstar STAC 2407

Dubliners guested on:
Take me home

3. Paddy Reilly   Gold & Silver Days   1991   RTE 144

Dubliners guested on:
Festival of Galway
The Wild Rover

4. Niamh Kavanagh   1995   Arista 74321295452

Dubliners guested on:
Red Roses for me

5. Liam Clancy   Liam Clancy   1965   Vanguard   CV 79169

Luke Kelly is Second Vocal on Rocky Road to Dublin.

6. Kate Bush   Hounds of Love   1985   EMI   CDP 7461642

John Sheahan guested on:
Track 8: And Dream of Sheep (Whistles) with Donal Lunny on Bouzouki
Track 12: Jig of Life (Fiddles, Whistles) with Donal Lunny on Bouzouki
   and Bodhran and Liam O'Flynn on UIllean Pipes

7. Kate Bush   The Sensual World   1989   EMI   CDP 7930782

John Sheahan guested on:
Track 1: The Sensual World (Fiddle) with Donal Lunny on Bouzouki and
   Davey Spillane on Uillean Pipes

8. Shane MacGowan and the Popes   The Snake   1994   ZTT   4509-98104-2

Barney plays tenor banjo and John fiddles and whistles.

9. Finbar Furey  The Wind & The Rain  1997  K-Tel  ECD 3371

Eamonn Campbell -- Guitar
John Sheahan -- Fiddle

10. Jah Wobble  Invaders of the Heart

Ronnie Drew recites five Celtic Poems.

11. Giles Servot  Sur Les Quais de Dublin

Ronnie Drew guests as vocalist on two tracks.

12. The Best of Jimmy Crowley and Stoker's Lodge  Raglan Records  RGLP 14

Ronnie Drew sings Salonika with Jimmy Crowley.

13. Patsy Watchorn  The Craic & The Porter too  Dolphin DOCDK 113

John Sheahan & Eamonn Campbell provide instrumentation. Eamonn produces.

14. Gibb Todd   Connected   1999   KRL

John Sheahan plays on the album.

15. The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners  Irish Drinking Songs  1993
       Columbia   COL 4872464

The Dubliners provide 'Whiskey In The Jar', 'The Pub With No Beer',
'Drink It Up Men', and 'Maloney Wants A Drink' on this album.

16. Ceol Reoite  Music for the Millenium  2000?  RTE 240 CD

John Sheahan plays 'Marino Casino' on his fiddle. He also accompanies,
on whistle, Michael Howard on 'St Audoens'.

17. Ulster's Flowery Vale  1969  BBC  REC 28 M

Barney McKenna plays with the famous fiddler Sean Maguire on this
compilation LP issued by BBC Radio Enterprises, London. The
programmes, recorded by the Ulster Folk Museum, were broadcast on
the NIHS (Northern Ireland Home Service, now BBC Radio Ulster). The 
tunes are
  1. Drops of Brandy [a slip jig]
  2. The Mason's Apron
  3. O'Rourke's Reel/The Wild Irishman

Additional Biographical Note:

When Luke Kelly `left' The Dubliners in 1964 he was replaced by Bobby Lynch.
But also (for a short period) before Bobby Lynch joined, John Reavy - an
Irishman brought up in the North East of England - played a number of
dates with The Dubliners including a review `The Dubliners' at the Gate
Theatre, Dublin. He had already left by the time the second Transatlantic
recording was made. Up to this time an additional musician was Mary Jordan
who was there from the start and occasionally joined The Dubliners on-stage
playing spoons.


There are various compilations available on CD. I think the latest
is `Milestones',which Suzanne Uniacke lists below. I have:

1987 The Collection               Castle Communications   CCSCD 164

Wild Rover
Chief O'Neill's Favourite
The Rocky Road to Dublin
The Leaving of Liverpool
The Old Orange Flute
Jar of Porter
The Glendalough Saint
Off to Dublin in the Green
Prefad San Ol
The High Reel
Patriot Game
Swallows Tail Reel
Love is Pleasing
Nelson's Farewell
McAlpines Fusiliers
Hot Asphalt
Within a mile of Dublin
Finnegans Wake
Dublin Fusiliers
Banks of the Roses
Reel: My Love is in America
Foggy Dew
The sea around us

1990 The Collection - Volume 2    Castle Communications    CCSCD 270

Roddy McCorley
The Twang Man
Reels: Sligo Maid; Colonel Rodney
The Woman from Wexford
Roisin Dubh
Air Fa La La La Lo
Peggy Lettermore
Easy And Slow
The Kerry Recruit
Reels: The Donegal Reel; The Longford Collector
Tramps and Hawkers
Home Boys Home
Sunshine Hornpipe; The Mountain Road
Will You Come to the Bower
I'll tell my Ma
The Masons Apron
The Holy Ground
Master McGrath
Walking in the Dew
The Nightingale
Reel: My Love is in America

Original Dubliners. 1993. EMI. 0777 7 890652 2.
Digital Remasters. This is a cheap retrospective anthology.

Ronnie Drew/The Collection. Chyme CHCD 1053. Undated. 
This is a 2-CD set of standard Dubliners songs put out by the
small Irish label which did their album featuring Pete St John
songs (eg Rare Ould Town). I think it is culled from
previous Dubliners albums, like Luke's Legacy album was,
Chyme Records must be The Dubliners own label.

Olle Serin reports that the version of `Building up and tearing England down'
is not similar to the version on the `Ronnie Drew' RAM album and the
`Prodigal Sons' and `Live at Carré' albums.

Jens Kilian adds some CD details: 

The Dubliners 20 Greatest Hits Vol. 1       Magic Music 31006

Black Velvet Band
Drops of Brandy/Lady Carberry
The Old Triangle
Johnny McGory
Spanish Lady
Molly Malone
God Save Ireland
Spancil Hill
Peat Bog Soldiers
Wild Rover
Biddy Mulligan
The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda
Lord Inchiquinn
The Lifeboat Mona
McAlpines Fusiliers
Weile Weile Waile
Barney's Banjo Selection
The Acrobat/Village Bells
Scorn Not His Simplicity
The Mero

The Dubliners 20 Greatest Hits Vol. 2       Magic Music 31007

Farewell To Carlingford
Finnegan's Wake
Whiskey In The Jar
Free The People
The Rebel
Lord Of The Dance
The Molly Maguires
Champion At Keepin' Them Rolling
The Town I Loved So Well
Donegal Danny
Sam Hall
Springhill Disaster
Night Visiting Song
Fiddler's Green
Farewell To Ireland
Dirty Old Town
Three Sea Captains
Gentleman Soldier
Seven Drunken Nights
Louse House At Kilkenny

Original Dubliners 1966-1969                EMI CDP 789066 2, CDP 789067 2
"A digitally remastered 2 CD set containing the 56 tracks which made up
 their first 4 EMI albums."

Suzanne Uniacke adds

1995 Castle Communications PLC

Whiskey In The Jar         (with The Pogues)
 (From '30 Years A-Greying', 1992)
Rocky Road To Dublin
 (Live, London 1963)
Raglan Road
 (From 'The Dubliners Dublin', 1988)
Leaving Of Liverpool
 (Live, London 1964)
Marino Waltz
 (From 'Celebration', 1987)
Roddy MacCorley
 (Live, London 1964)
I'm Asking You Sergeant Where's Mine  (with Billy Connolly)
 (From '30 Years A-Greying')
Zoological Gardens
 (From 'The Dubliners Dublin')
The Sick Note
 (Live, Germany 1986)
Reels a) Cooleys b) The Dawn c) Mullingar Races
 (From 'Celebration')
 (From 'Finnegan Wakes')
I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday
 (From '30 Years A-Greying')
Home Boys Home
 (Live, London 1963)
Spanish Lady
 (From 'The Dubliners Dublin')
Masons Apron
 (Live, London 1964)
Barley and Grape Rag      (with Rory Gallagher)
 (From '30 Years A-Greying')
Preab San Ol
 (Live, London 1963)
Irish Rover           (with The Pogues)
 (From 'Celebration')
The Auld Triangle
 (From '30 Years A-Greying')
Seven Drunken Nights
 (From 'The Dubliners Dublin')

THE DUBLINERS     AXIS/EMI (Australasia) 1988  7017362

Seven Drunken Nights
The Galway Races
The Irish Navy
I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool
Zoological Gardens
The Rising Of The Moon
Whisky On A Sunday
The Dundee Weaver
Seven Deadly Sins
The Leaving Of Liverpool
Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man
Dirty Old Town
Donkey Reel
Black Velvet Band
A Pub With No Beer
Peggy Gordon
Net Hauling Song
Nancy Whiskey
Instrumental Medley a)Paddy's gone To France b)Skylark
Tibby Dunbar
Go To Sea No More

Oskar Itzinger supplies details of the 1994 Luke Kelly double-CD.
There is also a Ronnie Drew double-CD mentioned above, a companion piece.

1994 Luke Kelly: The Collection - 36 Great Songs (digitally re-mastered)     
     2 CD set; playing time 112 minutes          Chyme CHCD 1041

  1  On Raglan Road
     Joe Hill
     Scorn not his simplicity
     Dublin in the rare oul times
     The town I loved so well
     Black velvet band
     Hand me down my bible
     Song for Ireland
     Parcel of rogues
     The sun is burning
     High Germany
     Wild rover
     Dainty Davey
     Night visiting song
     God save Ireland
     For what died the sons of Roisin? [poem recited by Luke Kelly]
  2  Thirty foot trailer
     Dirty old town
     Lifeboat Mona
     Banks of sweet primroses
     The button pusher
     The Springhill Mine disaster   
     Molly Maguires
     The old triangle
     School days over
     The holy ground
     Free the people
     Peat bog soldiers
     Whiskey in the jar
     Home boys home
     Wrap the green flag around me
     The West's awake
     A nation once again
     A nation once again [chorus finale]

     The liner notes prints the complete text for "For what died the sons of

     Also, the liner notes includes a CD list from Chyme Music which lists
     the following "Dubliners" material:

     CHCD 1002 Dubliners: Revolution
     CHCD 1011 Dubliners: Collection (double CD)
     CHCD 1014 Dubliners: 20 Original Greatest Hits 2
     CHCD 1016 Luke Kelly: Luke Kelly Album
     CHCD 1025 Dubliners: Fifteen Years On
     CHCD 1028 Dubliners: 20 Original Greatest Hits
     CHCD 1031 Luke Kelly and Dubliners: Luke's Legacy
     CHCD 1032 Dubliners: 7 Drunken Nights
     CHCD 1033 Dubliners: Irish Favourites
     CHCD 1034 Dubliners: Irish Favourites Vol. 2

1974 Irish Folk Scene         Transatlantic DALP 2/1958 (Germany)
     This compilation (double vinyl album) includes the following "Dubliners"

     Off to Dublin in the green
     The Donegal reel/The Longford collector
     Will you come to the Bower
     Home boys home
     Wild rover
     Roddy McCorley
     I'll tell my Ma

     Other tracks in this set are by The Johnstons (10), Finbar Furey (3),
     Finbar and Eddie Furey (3), and The Glenside Ceili Band (1).

1977 Irish Folk Scene 2         Transatlantic 84.002-2 (Germany)
     This compilation (double vinyl album) includes the following "Dubliners"

     Off to Dublin in the green
     Roisin dubh
     The mason's apron

     Other tracks in this set are by The Johnstons (2), Finbar Furey (2),
     Finbar and Eddie Furey (2), The Glenside Ceili Band (1), Tim Gilfellon
     (1), John Droom (1), Vin Garbutt (1),  Sweeney's Men (3), Contraband (1),
     The Sand's Family (1), The Boys of the Lough (2), The Kilfenora Ceili
     Band (1), Mick Moloney (1), Seamus Ennis (1), and Members of the Coleman
     Traditional Society Reel (1).

197? Scottish Folk Scene         Transatlantic DALP 2/1855 (Germany)
     This compilation (double vinyl album) includes the following Luke Kelly

     Come all ye tramps and hawkers

     Other tracks in this set are by The Johnstons (2), Eddie Furey (2),
     Alex Campell (3), Ian Campell Folk Group (4), Watt Nicoll (5), Hamish
     Imlach (3), Ian Campell (1), and Archie Fisher (3)