I first discovered Dick Gaughan in 1972 when, looking for a version of Hamish Henderson's `The John MacLean March', I bought `No More Forever'. Since then I have followed him avidly and seen him live, in Bath, several times. I wasn't so keen on the openly political stance he adapted as he veered away from his traditional folk roots, but after hearing him discuss so sensibly on I think his political recordings need reviewed with a more open mind.

He is a working-class Lowland Scot from Edinburgh coming from typical Irish/Highland Scot descent. Brought up with the customary Scottish socialist vision he has always been of the Left in his politics. Quite typical of his generation. I think the quality of his singing and his guitar-playing unmatched in these islands. And he can write a song.

Dick Gaughan has a Website at where he has a partially complete Discography with his own personal notes about the recording details of the albums. A visit to the site is a necessary pilgrimage for fans.


Bath Guildhall, Thursday 25 May 1995.

Greatness. He has that stamp about him now. It comes from his inner confidence as an artist as he ages into maturity. There is a tremendous authority in his singing and guitar-playing. His only weakness is that in his search for new songs he tends to be drawn to weaker political material. But then he is a Scots-Irish troublemaker at heart. Like most people from the Scottish Central Belt.

The standout song of the evening was a capella rendition of `Bogie's Bonnie Belle'. I had always thought that this was a Davie Stewart song but Dick didn't seem to think so. The mix of songs was mainly classical contemporary (eg `Banks of Sicily', `Schooldays Over' etc) with the occasional classic traditional folk song thrown in. The very modern work, apart from `Both Sides of the Tweed', `Song for Ireland', `The Diggers Song' and perhaps a couple of others seemed weaker.

The voice and guitar were absolutely magnificent. This is the best I have ever heard from him. The one song I would like to have heard was `MacCrimmon's Lament' but I wasn't to be so lucky. I can't wait for the next time he comes to Bath.


The Gaughan album I haven't got is `Folk Freak 2' which is a session album. Tom Loock has suppled details of `Folk Freak 2' and David Lashbrook has supplied `Songs of Ewan MacColl' as well as correcting my mistakes. I have since bought `Songs of Ewan MacColl' on CD. Mike Fordyce came in with `Woody Lives', a tribute to Woody Guthrie, which is also new to me. Sally Greenberg added lots of bits and pieces. Alistair Banfield added Matt McGinn's `Take me back to the Jungle'.

If anybody has anything to add I am Douglas Clark (

Take me back to the Jungle..1971

1971  Matt McGinn/Take me back to the Jungle  RCA INTS 1240

      Dick Gaughan plays guitar and mandolin throughout.

Take me back to the jungle
With fire and with sword
Tony Capaldi
Cead Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes)
The Little Carpenter
The Wurram and the Sparra

Hi Jack
Life is a fountain
Have a banana
The man they could not hang
Tell me what the tea leaves tell me
On the beach at Portobello

Richard Geiger drew the cover although he is uncredited on the sleeve.

No More Forever..1972

1972  Dick Gaughan/No More Forever  Trailer LER 2072
      with Aly Bain, fiddle

      Recorded and produced by Bill Leader.

Rattlin' roarin' Willie; The friar's britches
MacCrimmon's lament; Mistress Jamieson's favourite
Jock o' Hazeldean
Cam ye ower frae France
The bonnie banks o' Fordie

The thatchers o' Glenrae
The fair flower of Northumberland
The teatotaller; Da tushker
The three healths
The John MacLean march
The green linnet

[Out on CD]

The Boys of the Lough..1973

1973  The Boys of the Lough/The Boys of the Lough  Trailer LER 2086/
                                                   Shanachie 79002
      Dick Gaughan; Cathal McConnell; Robin Morton; Aly Bain

      Recorded and produced by Bill Leader.

The Boys of the Lough; Slanty Gart
In praise of John Magee
Wedding march from Unst; The bride's a bonny thing; Sleep
   sound i' da moarnin'
Farewell to whisky
OLd Joe's jig; Last night's joy; The granny in the corner
The old oak tree

Caoineadh Eoghain Rua; The nine points of roguery
Docherty's reel; Flowing tide
Andrew Lammie
Sheebeg and Sheemore; The boy in the gap; McMahon's reel
Jackson and Jane
The shaalds of Foulla; Garster's dream; The brig

I think Dick dropped out of `The Boys of the Lough' because of
the travelling. But his `Andrew Lammie' is a fine memento.

The Second Folk Review Record..1976

1976  Various/The Second Folk Review Record  Folksound FS 107   

David Lashbrook reports that Dick contributed two tracks to this album
to raise funds for the magazine `Folk Review'.

    Recorded by Bill Leader at Leader Sound Studios, February 1976.
    Produced by Fred Woods.

Arthur McBride
The Rashy Moor

Five Hand Reel..1976

1976  Five Hand Reel/Five Hand Reel  Rubber RUB 019
                           Re-released in 1977 as RCA PL 25065
                           Re-released in 1987 as Black Crow Records CRO 211
      Bobby Eaglesham; Dick Gaughan; Tom Hickland; Barry Lyons; Dave Tulloch

      Recorded at Impulse Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne.
      Engineered by Micky Sweeney.
      Produced by Geoff Heslop.

Both sides of the Forth
Death of Argyll
Kempy's hat
The knight and the shepherd's daughter

Sliave Gallion Braes
Wee wee German lairdie
The maid of Listowel
When a man's in love
Frankie's dog

Coppers and Brass..1977

1977  Dick Gaughan/Coppers and Brass  Topic 12 TS 315
      Scots and Irish Dance Music on guitar
      with Tom Hickland, piano

      Recorded and produced by Tony Engle in London.

Jigs: Coppers and Brass; The Gander in the Pratie Hole
Reels: O'Keefe's; The Foxhunter's  
Hornpipes: The Flowing Tide; The Fairies' Hornpipe
Reels: The Oak Tree; The Music in the Glen
Planxty: Planxty Johnson
Slip Jig: Gurly's Frolics
Reels: The Spey in Spate; The Hurricane

6/8 Marches: Alan MacPherson of Mosspark; The Jig of Slurs
Reels: The Thrush in the Storm; The Flogging Reel
12/8 Jig and Reels: Ask My Father; Lads of Laoise; The Connaught Heifers
Reels: The Bird in the Bush; The Boy in the Gap; MacMahon's Reel
Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp; Shores of Lough Gowna
Shetland Reels: Jack Broke the Prison Door; Donald Blue; Wha'll Dance wi'

[Out on CD/in US on Green Linnet GLCD 3064]

Kist O'Gold..1977

1977  Dick Gaughan/Kist O'Gold  Trailer LER 2103

      Recorded and produced by Bill Leader.

The Earl of Errol
The Granemore hare
Rigs o' Rye
The gipsy laddies
Lord Randal
Maggie Lauder; Cathaoir an Iarla (The earl's chair)

Banks of green willow
51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily
The City of Savannah; Ril gan ainm
Raglan Road
Johnny Miner
The ballad of accounting

For A' That..1977

1977  Five Hand Reel/For A' That  RCA  PL 25066
                           Re-released in 1987 as Black Crow Records CRO 212
      Bobby Eaglesham; Dick Gaughan; Tom Hickland; Barry Lyons; Dave Tulloch

      Recorded at Impulse Studios, Wallsend.
      Engineered by Mickey Sweeney.
      Produced by Geoff Heslop.
      Mixed at CBS Studios.

Bratach Bana
Pinch Of Snuff
A Man's A Man For A' That
Haugh's O' Cromdale
Ae Fond Kiss

P Stands For Paddy; Paddy Fahey's Reel
The Cruel Brother
Lochanside; The Jig Of Slurs; Linda Brechin's; The Marquis Of Tullybardine

Songs of Ewan MacColl..1978

1978  Dick Gaughan; Dave Burland; Tony Capstick/Songs of Ewan MacColl
                                            Rubber Records   RUB027
      Produced by Geoff Heslop
      Engineered by Mickey Sweeney
      Recorded at Impulse Studios

Ballad Of Accounting (Capstick)
Moving-On Song (Burland)
Jamie Foyers (Gaughan)
Freeborn Man (Capstick)
The Manchester Rambler (Burland)
Schooldays End (Gaughan)

Thirty-Foot Trailer (Gaughan)
The Big Hewer (Capstick)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Burland)
Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Burland)
Shoals Of Herring (all)

[Out on CD on Black Crow Records CROCD 215] 


1978  Dick Gaughan/Gaughan  Topic  12 TS 384
      Barry Lyons plays bass guitar on `Crooked Jack'.

      Recorded at Riverside Studios.
      Produced by Tony Engle.

Bonnie Jeannie o'Bethelnie
Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather
Crooked Jack
The Recruited Collier
The Pound a Week Rise

My Donald
Willie o' Winsbury
Such a Parcel o'Rogues in a Nation
Gillie Mhor

[When this was put out on CD additional tracks were added:

6/8 Marches: Alan MacPherson of Mosspark; The Jig of Slurs
12/8 Jig and Reels: Ask My Father; Lads of Laoise; The Connaught Heifers
Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp; Shores of Lough Gowna
Shetland Reels: Jack Broke the Prison Door; Donald Blue; Wha'll Dance wi'

from `Coppers and Brass'

Bonnie Woodha'
The Auchengeich Disaster

from `The Bonnie Pit Laddie', on Topic in April 1975, which David Lashbrook 
reports was a double album by the High Level Ranters, an anthology of mining 
songs from the North East of England with two tracks each from guests Dick 
Gaughan and Harry Boardman with songs from Scotland and Lancashire 
respectively. It was recorded, in Newcastle, and produced by Tony Engle. 
It is (2-12TS271/2).

Dick sings `Bonnie Woodha'' unaccompanied and on `The Auchengeich Disaster'
is accompanied by Alistair Anderson on concertina.

Sally Greenberg reports that these two tracks are available on
`The Iron Muse --- A Panorama of Industrial Folk Music' (Topic TSCD465),
out on CD in 1993.

Alistair Banfield reports that `Bonnie Jeannie o'Bethelnie' was included
on the Topic compilation `The Good Old Way' of 1980 (Topic 12TPS 412).]

Earl O' Moray..1978

1978  Five Hand Reel/Earl O' Moray  RCA  PL 25150
      Bobby Eaglesham; Dick Gaughan; Tom Hickland; Barry Lyons; Dave Tulloch

      Recorded at Rockfield Studios.
      Engineered by Mike Pela.
      Produced by Simon Nicol.
      Mixed at CBS Studios. 

My Love is like a Red Red Rose
The Child on the Road
The Bonnie Earl o' Moray

The Trooper and the Maid
The Beef-can close
Jackson and Jane
Freedom Come-All-Ye

[Dick's daughter was taken very ill and he dropped out of `Five Hand Reel',
being replaced by Sam Bracken. `Five Hand Reel' recorded one more album,
`A Bunch of Fives' (Topic  12 TS 406) in 1979 before disbanding.

Andreas Witt reports that a compilation album of Five Hand Reel was
released in 1980

1980  Five Hand Reel/Nothing but the Best  RCA PL 25267

The Bonny Earl O'Moray
Bratach Bana
P Stands for Paddy
Both Sides of the Forth
My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
Freedom Come All-Ye
The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter
Sheriff Muir
Frankie's Dog

I don't know if this was ever released in the UK. Andreas Witt found
6 or 7 copies in a Düsseldorf record shop and bought them all.
He kept only one copy for himself.] 

Folk Friends 2..1981

1981 Various/Folk Friends 2   FolkFreak 

Tom Loock writes from Madison, Wisconsin:
An album missed was "Folk Friends 2", which is a session
album by Dick, Alex Campbell, Andy Irvine, Wizz Jones and many others. It
includes among its 21 songs:
* The World Turned Upside Down (Rosselson) - Dick, vocal and guitar
* The Father's Song (Ewan MacColl) - Dick, vocal and guitar
* Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay (Trad.) - Dick, guitar + Andy Irvine,
vocal and bouzouki
* Siege Of A Nation (Mikis Theodorakis) - Dick, guitar with Finbar Furey,
flute and tin whistle / Davey Arthur, guitar and mandolin / John Faulkner,
fiddle / Joerg Suckow, cello / Lydie Auvray, accordion
* Lassie Lie Near Me (Trad.) - Dick, vocal and guitar
* The John MacLean March - Dick, guitar with Alex Campbell, vocal / Finbar
Furey, whistle / John Faulkner, fiddle
* The Waterford Waltz - Dick, guitar with Dolores Keane, concert flute /
Finbar, bagpipes / Andy Irvine, bouzouki / John Faulkner, fiddle

The album was recorded on October 16-28 1980, engineered by Gunter Pauler, 
at the Windmill of Hannes Wader, a German folksinger, and produced by 
Carsten Linde, who also issued it on his FolkFreak label; he later re-issued 
the CD on his Wundertüte label and it is still available. The vinyl 
double-album was issued in 1981, and the CD re-issued in 1990. 

[Out on CD on the Wintertüte label CD TUET 72.150]

Handful of Earth..1981

1981  Dick Gaughan/Handful of Earth  Topic  12 TS 419
      with Brian McNeill, Phil Cunningham and Stewart Isbister. 
      Recorded by Robin Morton at Temple Studios.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

Now Westlin Winds
Craigie Hill
World turned upside down
The snows they melt the soonest

Lough Erne; First kiss at parting
Scojun waltz; Randers hopsa
Song for Ireland
Worker's Song
Both sides the Tweed

[Out on CD/in US as Green Linnet GLCD 3062]

Hans Peters of Music & Words in Holland has released Handful of Earth in 180grs vinyl on the 6 Spices label with catalogue number 6S 229002. The LP is available from

Weather the Storm..1982

1982  Bobby Eagleshan/Weather the Storm  Fellside FE033/c

Craig Cockburn reports that Dick Gaughan plays on two tracks of
this album, which was re-released in 1995.

Parallel Lines..1982

1982  Dick Gaughan; Andy Irvine/Parallel Lines  Folk Freak  FF 4007
      with Martin Buschmann, Nollaigh Ni Cathasaigh, Judith Jaenicke,
      Bob Lenox.

      Recorded in August 1981 at Tonstudio St. Blasien.
      Engineered by Gunter Pauler.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan, Andy Irvine and Carsten Linde.

The Creggan white hare
The Lads o' the Fair; Leith Docks
At Twenty-one
My Back Pages; Afterthoughts

The Dodgers Song
Captain Thunderbolt
Captain Colston
Floo'ers o' the Forest

[Out on CD/in US as Green Linnet SIF 3201]

A Different Kind of Love Song..1983

1983  Dick Gaughan/A Different Kind of Love Song  Celtic Music  CM 017
      with Dave Pegg, Dave Tulloch, Will Lindfors, Bob Lenox, Judy Sweeney,
      Alan Tall.

      Recorded in June 1983 at Tonstudio St. Blasien, Northeim, West Germany.
      Engineered by Gunter Pauler.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan and Carsten Linde.

      `Revolution' recorded by Robin Morton at Temple Sound Studio.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

      The album cover is by Gertrude Degenhardt.

A Different Kind of Love Song
Prisoner 562
Song of Choice
The Father's Song

Think again
As I walked on the road
Stand up for Judas
By the people
Games people play

[Out on CD as Celtic Music CM CD 017/ Folk Freak FF CD 404013]

Alistair Banfield reports that in 1984 a 7" single (CMS 300) was released
by Celtic Music containing Dick singing 'Games people play'
coupled with 'A Different Kind of Love Song'.

[In 1987 an alternate version of the album `A Different Kind of Lovesong' 
was released in the DDR. This also included tracks from 'Handful of Earth',
Andreas Witt reports. 

1987  Dick Gaughan/A Different Kind of Lovesong  Amiga 8 56 236  DDR

A Different Kind of Love Song
Now Westlin Winds
The Snows They Melt The Soonest
The Father's Song

Think Again
As I Walked On The Road
Stand Up For Judas
Song For Ireland
Both Sides The Tweed]

Songs for Peace..1983

1983  Various/Songs for Peace   Rounder Records 4015/Folk Freak   

      Produced by Carsten Linde and Martin Jeremias

Dick sings a studio version of `Your daughters and your sons'

Out of the Darkness..1984

1984  Various/Out of the Darkness --- Fire on the Mountain 4001  

      Recorded at Bay Records, Almeda, California

Dick performs a cover of Jim Brown's song `As I walked on the road'.
It must have been recorded in 1983 says Sally Greenberg.

Fanfare for Tomorrow..1985

1985  Dick Gaughan; Ken Hyder/Fanfare for Tomorrow  Impetus  IMP 18506

      Recorded at Cold Storage Studio, Brixton on 22/23 March 1985.
      Engineered by Tim Hodgkinson.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan, Ken Hyder and Tim Hodgkinson.

Sharpeville '85
Fanfare for tomorrow

Political Prisoners
Salute to Pitheid & Clachan
News from nowhere

Live in Edinburgh..1985

1985  Dick Gaughan/Live in Edinburgh  Celtic Music  CM 030  

      Recorded live and mixed in Edinburgh.
      Engineered by Roy Ashby.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

Now Westlin' Winds
Which side are you on?
Victor Jara of Chile
Workers Song

Your daughters and your sons
Four green fields
Ballad of accounting
Jamie Foyers
World turned upsidedown

[Out on CD]

True and Bold..1986

1986  Dick Gaughan/True and Bold  Songs of the Scottish Miners  STUC 2
      with Clarke Sorley, Allan Tall, Jim Sutherland, Billy Jackson.

      Recorded and mixed at Sirocco Studios, Kilmarnock.
      Engineered by Clarke Sorley.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan and Clarke Sorley.

Miner's Life is Like a Sailor's
Schooldays end
Farewell to 'Cotia
Auchengeich disaster
Pound a week rise
Collier Laddie

Which side are you on?
Drunk rent collector
Blantyre explosion
One miner's life
Ballad of '84

[Out on CD]

Woody Lives..1987

1987    Various/Woody Lives (A tribute to Woody Guthrie)    Black Crow CRO217

        Features Rod Clements, Dick Gaughan, Ray Jackson,
                 Bert Jansch, Rory MacLeod, Rab Noakes, Pat Rafferty

        Recorded at Cluny Studios, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
        Engineered by Mickey Sweeney.
        Produced by Geoff Heslop.

Hard Travellin'
This Land is Your Land
Vigilante Man*
Pretty Boy Floyd

Philadelphia Lawyer*
Do Re Mi*
Pastures of Plenty*
Tom Joad
Will You Miss Me

*  features Dick Gaughan

Call it Freedom..1988

1988  Dick Gaughan/Call it Freedom  Celtic Music  CM 041

      Recorded and mixed at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh.
      Engineered by Peter Haigh.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

Bulmer's Fancy; The Silver Spire
What You Do With What You've Got
Ludlow Masacre
That's The Way The River Runs

Call it Freedom
When I'm Gone
Seven Good Soldiers
Fifty Years From Now; Yardheads

Tom Loock reports that his friend Carsten Linde once showed him an alternate 
version of `Call it Freedom' which contained the `Anti-Bob-Dylan-Song'. This 
was cut from the released version for legal reasons. 

Alistair Banfield reports that in 1987 a 12" single (CMT 041) was released 
from the album coupling `Call it Freedom' and `Think again' on side one with 
`Bulmer's Fancy/The Silver Spire' and `Shipwreck' on side two.

[Out on CD]


1990  Davy Steele/Summerlee  Celtic Music CMCD 046

Dick plays electric guitar on `Quietly Sing You to Sleep' and
acoustic guitar on `The Rose O' Summerlee'.

The Internationale..1990

1990  Billy Bragg/The Internationale  Elektra/Utility 9 60960-2

Dick duets with Billy on `The Red Flag'.

The Back o' the North Wind..1991

1991  Brian McNeill/The Back o' the North Wind  Greentrax  CDTRAX 047

Jeri Corlew reports that Dick plays guitar synthesizer (tracks not specified)
Backing vocals on tracks 2 and 10,
   Track 2 = `Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears' (McNeill)
   Track 10 = `Steel Man' (McNeill)
Acoustic Guitar on track 8, `Ewan and the Gold' (McNeill)

Clan Alba..1995

1995  Clan Alba/Clan Alba  Clan Alba Productions CLANCD001
      Dick Gaughan; Mary MacMaster; Brian McNeil; Fred Morrison;
      Patsy Seddon; Davy Steele; Mike Travis; Dave Tulloch

      Recorded by Mickey Sweeney and Dick Gaughan at Redesdale Studios,

      Mixed at Redesdale Studios by Dick Gaughan and Mickey Sweeney except:
      Bye, Bye Big Blue mixed by Dick Gaughan, Mickey Sweeney and Roy Ashby.
      Five to Six, Childhood's End, True Thomas, Lark & the Bowman,
      Harpset, Growing Wings, Canan nan Gaidheal mixed by Dick Gaughan.

      Mastered at Hart St Studios, Edinburgh by Roy Ashby.

      Produced by Dick Gaughan for Clan Alba Productions.


Five to Six (An Drochaid Chliuteach/Crathadh t'aodaich)
Dressed to Kill (Davy Steele)
   The instrumental is The Scarlet Coat by Patsy Seddon
   Hopscotch with Jenny (Dick Gaughan)/Trip to Gorthleck (Mary MacMaster)/
   The Girl with the Flowing Arms (Davy Steele)/Travis's Fancy (Patsy Seddon)
Oran Na Cloiche
   (The Song of the Stone) Donald MacIntyre
Lark and the Bowman (Davy Steele)
Cam ye Owre Frae France
True Thomas
Fred's Jigs
   Alex Macdonald (Norman Macdonald)


Bye, Bye, Big Blue (Brian McNeill)
Air A'Ghille Tha Mo Run (I Love The Boy)
Clan Alba
   Clan Alba March (Clan Alba)/Lexy MacAskill (John MacAskill)/
   Latha siubhal beinne dhomh/Hawk Hornpipe (James Hill)
No Gonnae Leave Here (Davy Steele)
Growing Wings (Dick Gaughan)
Canan Nan Gaidheal
   (The Language of the Gael) Murdo Macfarlan
Tar The House
   Tar The House (Alan MacDonald)/Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar The
Childhood's End (Dick Gaughan)

Sail On..1996

1996  Dick Gaughan/Sail On  Greentrax CDTRAX 109
      with Kathy Stewart, Tich Frier, Bobby Eaglesham, Davy Steele,
      Patsy Seddon, Mary MacMaster, Mike Travis, Stuart Smith, Rab Handleigh,
      Alan Thomson, John Henderson.

      Recorded and mixed at Hart Street Studios, Edinburgh.
      Engineered by Roy Ashby.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

Land of the North Wind (Allan Taylor)
Son of Man (Dick Gaughan)
Ruby Tuesday (Jagger/Richard)
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (Pete Seeger)
No Cause for Alarm (Dick Gaughan)
51st (Highland) Division's Farewell to Sicily (Hamish Henderson)
No Gods and Precious Few Heroes (Brian MacNeill)
Geronimo's Cadillac (Michael J.Murphy)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard Thompson)
Sail On (Dick Gaughan)
Freedom Come Aa Ye (Hamish Henderson)

Chasing Shadows..1997

1997  Davy Steele/Chasing Shadows  Hypertension  HYCD 297171

      Alistair Banfield reports that Dick plays guitar on `Scotland yet'. 
      Recorded 1996. Sadly Davy is no longer with us.

Redwood Cathedral..1998

1998  Dick Gaughan/Redwood Cathedral  Greentrax CDTRAX 158
      with Rab Handleigh, Davie Paton, Steve Green.

      Recorded and mastered at Hart St Studios, Edinburgh.
      Engineered by Roy Ashby.
      Produced by Dick Gaughan.

Muir and the Master Builder (Brian McNeill)
Gone, Gonna Rise Again (Si Kahn)
Reconciliation (Ron Kavana)
Why Old Men Cry (Dick Gaughan)
Thomas Muir of Huntershill (Adam McNaughton)
October Song (Robin Williamson)
Ewen and the Gold (Brian McNeill)
Let it be me (Becaud, Delanoe & Curtis)
All the King's Horses (Dick Gaughan)
Pancho and Lefty (John Townes Van Zandt)
Turn, Turn, Turn (Pete Seeger)
Fine Horseman (Lal Waterson)

Outlaws & Dreamers..2001

2001 Dick Gaughan/Outlaws & Dreamers  Greentrax CDTRAX 222
     with Brian McNeill: fiddle, concertina. 
     Recorded, mixed and mastered at Panda Sound, Robin Hood's Bay,
     England, July 2001.
     Engineered by Oliver Knight.
     Produced by Dick Gaughan.

The Yew Tree (Brian McNeill)
Florence in Florence (Dick Gaughan)
Dowie Dens o Yarrow (Trad arr. Gaughan)
Tom Joad (Woody Guthrie)
Outlaws and Dreamers (Dick Gaughan)
When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)
John Harrison's Hands (McNeil/Gaughan)
What You Do With What You've Got (Si Kahn)
Tom Paine's Bones (Graham Moore)
Strong Women Rule Us All (Brian McNeill)
Wild Roses (Kimmie Rhodes)

Prentice Piece..2002

2002   Dick Gaughan   Prentice Piece   Greentrax   CDTRAX 236D

       A Compilation From The First Three Decades

Tracks list

 1. Sail On                                        5'15
 2. Florence in Florence                           2'30
 3. The Auchengeich Disaster                       2'17
 4. Land of the North Wind                         3'05
 5. The Wind That Shakes The Barley                6'10
 6. Games People Play                              4'51
 7. Strike the Gay Harp / Shores of Lough Gowna    2'39
 8. Willie o Winsbury                              8'38
 9. Both Sides The Tweed                           3'39
10. The Father's Song                              3'41
11. Muir and the Master Builder                    6'51
                    Total Playing Time            50'09

 1. The Cruel Brother                               5'37
 2. October Song                                    5'18
 3. Lassie, Lie Near Me                             4'38
 4. The Pound a Week Rise                           2'26
 5. Why Old Men Cry                                 5'53
 6. The Yew Tree                                    5'08
 7. 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell to Sicily  11'44
 8. Scojun Waltz / Randers Hopsa                    4'07
 9. Flooers o the Forest                            7'36
10. Outlaws and Dreamers                            4'19

                     Total Playing Time            57'18


ANTHOLOGIES supplied by Sally Greenberg, David Lashbrook, Bernd Fischer
Andreas Witt, Alastair Banfield and Dick Gaughan.

1974  Various/Kertalg `74  Barclay 90 011
                [Pop Celtic Et Folk International]

Dick Gaughan sings `Seven Yellow Gypsies' on this album of live recordings 
from the folk festival in Brittany (France).

1975  Various/Our Folk Music Heritage   Trailer LET SAM 2087

The Boys of the Lough (with Dick Gaughan) have 1 track `Docherty's Reel/
The Flowing Tide' from the 1973 album `Boys of the Lough'. Dick Gaughan 
(with Aly Bain) has 1 track `Rattlin' roarin' Willie/ The friar's britches' 
from the album `No More Forever'.

1980  Various/The Good Old Way  Topic  12TS 412

Dick sings `Bonnie Jeannie o'Bethelnie' from the `Gaughan' LP.

1983  Various/Scotland  World Network/Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR32 58.394 
      Edited by Christian Scholze and Jean Trouillet

Dick Gaughan sings `Bonnie Jeannie' (recorded live at the WDR folk festival 
in  Köln (Germany), 15 July 1983) and `Such a parcel of rogues in a nation' 
(recorded live at the WDR-Funkhaus [Broadcasting corporation based in 
Köln], 28 November 1982).

[Out on CD]

1985  Various/15. Festival des politischenes Liedes  Amiga 8 45 296  DDR

Artists: San Francisco Mime Troupe, Samuel Munguambe, Quilapayan,
Urszula & Budka Suflera, Leoncarlo Settimelli, Kinvara, Dick Gaughan,
Eric Bogle & Wacholder, Silvio Rodriguez & Afro Kuba, Meridian,
Cutumay Camones, Mauricio Tapajos & Marcus Vincius, Oktoberklub.

The live recordings were made in East Berlin between February 9 and 17, 1985.

Dick Gaughan sings `Which side are you on'.

1985  The High Level Ranters/The Bonnie Pit Laddie  Topic  12TS 271/2

Dick sings `Bonnie Woodha'' unaccompanied and on `The Auchengeich Disaster'
is accompanied by Alistair Anderson on concertina.

These tracks appeared on `The Iron Muse - A Panorama of Industrial Folk
Music' released by Topic. The album came out on CD in 1993 (TSCD 465).

These tracks were also included on the CD release in 1991 of the
`Gaughan' album (TSCD 384).

1985  Various/A Feast of Scottish Folk  Celtic Music  Alba 1

Dick performs `Freedom Come all Ye' and sings vocals for
Five Hand Reel on their track `The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter'.

1992  Various/Folk Heritage  MCBX004A

This is a 3 CD Box set released by HMV/Music Club International. The CD 
containing the Dick Gaughan song is also labelled as `Folk Heritage II'
(MCCD049) so perhaps it was also issued separately. Dick Gaughan has 1 track
`The World Turned Upside Down' from the album `Handful of Earth'.

1992  Various/Heart of the Gaels  Green Linnet GLCD 105

Dick Gaughan has 1 track `Song for Ireland' from the album `Handful of 

1993  Various/The Folk Collection  Topic TSCD470

Dick Gaughan has 1 track `Now Westlin' Winds' from the album `Handful of 

1993  Various/Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt '93  RUCD 93-1

Dick Gaughan has one track `Both sides of the Tweed' on the live CD
from the annual folk festival at Rudolstadt (Germany).

1995  Various/The Folk Collection 2  Topic  TSCD 481

Dick sings `Song for Ireland'.

1995  Various/Troubadours of British Folk, Vol.3 - An Evolving Tradition
      Rhino  R2 72162

Dick sings `Erin go bragh'.

1996  Various/STUC Centenary Album - If It Wisnae For The Union  Greentrax

Dick Gaughan reports:
I just got a copy of the STUC 100th anniversay CD through the door from
Greentrax. As it has tracks by myself and The Dubliners, here's the
info. The version of Both Sides the Tweed is a new one recorded

By the way, Luke Kelly was one of my all-time favourite singers and a
tremendous influence on me when I was a youngster. 

STUC Centenary Album - If It Wisnae For The Union

1. Luke Kelly & The Dubliners
        Battle of the Somme - Freedom Come A Ye
2. Capercaillie - Four Stone Walls
3. Dick Gaughan - Both Sides the Tweed
4. Runrig - Ravenscraig
5. Hamish Imlach - If it Wisnae for the Union
6. Gordeanna McCulloch - Bawbee Birlin
7. Christy Moore - James Connolly
8. Arthur Johnstone - North by North
9. Eric Bogle - The Contract
10. Mara Louw - Gauteng
11. Battlefield Band - I am the Common Man
12. Ewan MacColl - The Blantyre Explosion
13. The McCalmans - Farewell tae the Haven
14. Brian McNeill - Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul
15. Matt McGinn - Three Nights and a Sunday
16. Judy Small - Mothers, Daughters, Wives
17. Victor Jara - Te Recuerdo, Amanda
18. Ceolbeg - Stand Together

1996  Various/New Electric Muse - The Story of Folk into Rock
      Castle/Essential  ESB 416

Dick sings `Both Sides The Tweed'.

1996  Various/Scottish Music - The Rough Guide  World Network  RGNET 1004

Dick sings `Erin-go-Bragh'.

1998  Various/Joyful Noise  Green Linnet  GLCD 108

Dick sings `Song for Ireland'.

1998  Various/Highlander Music Sampler  Highlander Music

A free CD with the December 1998 issue of `Living Tradition'.

Dick sings `Muir and the Master Builder'.

1999  Various/The Folk Collection  Topic  TSCD 707/8 

Dick sings `The Worker's Song' and `Both Sides The Tweed'.

2002  Various/The Acoustic Folk Box  Topic  TSFCD 4001

This is a 4-CD box set. Dick sings 'Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/The Friar's
Britches' from 'No More Forever' and 'Erin-go-Bragh' from 'Handful of Earth'.

Douglas Clark