The first set of books...

The four books of The Horseman Trilogy

Troubador (Benjamin Press, 1985), 62 pages,
The sanctuary knocker at Durham Cathedral.
Horsemen (Benjamin Press, 1988), 64 pages,
Romano-Celtic Head of Medusa from the Temple of Sulis Minerva, Bath.
Coatham (Benjamin Press, 1989), 64 pages,
At Coatham Hall by Ann Kirkwood.
Disbanded (Benjamin Press, 1991), 64 pages,
The author.

...completed by the pamphlet 'Dysholm'

Dysholm (Benjamin Press, 1993), 32 pages,
Malcolmwood painted on a tile by Phemie Kelly.

The second set of books, including the pamphlet 'Cat Poems'...

Selected Poems
Selected Poems (Benjamin Press, 1995), 96 pages,
On Tennyson Down by Mary McDaniel.
Cat Poems
Cat Poems (Benjamin Press, 1997), 32 pages,
Ferdia Kittencat by Mic Clark.
Wounds (Salzburg University Press, 1997), 64 pages,
Photograph by Ingeborg Hogg.

...and the later publications'

Kitten Poems
Kitten Poems (Benjamin Press, 2002), 32 pages,
Marty by Robert W.Palmer.
Finality: New and Selected Poems (Benjamin Press, 2005), 64 pages,
The author in his 30s.
Durham Poems
Durham Poems (Arrowhead Press, 2005), 70 pages,
Raby Castle gates by Roger Collett.
Love Poems
Love Poems (Benjamin Press, 2008), 48 pages,
Mary at Tintern.

Douglas Clark /Covers/ Benjamin Press, 69 Hillcrest Drive, Bath BA2 1HD, UK/