Douglas Clark: Disbanded, Benjamin Press, Bath

`Disbanded' is the coda to `The Horseman Trilogy'. It orchestrates the material for one last time bringing out a lifetime's experience. The first section `Quartet' completes `The Horseman Trilogy'. The second section `Disbanded' looks for a new theme. The final section `Heaven' affirms an old direction. The entire work represents a triumph over adversity. The individual books are composed of sequences of poems in which the individual poems bounce off each other as the sequences bounce off each other as the books bounce off each other. They are not collections.

The cover graphics of my publications may be viewed. A current selection of my poems is available.

Some of these poems first appeared in `Lines Review' and `Cencrastus'.

The prose translation from Sophocles' `Antigone' is taken from `The Penguin Book of Greek Verse', translated by Constantine A.Trypanis (Penguin Books, 1971), copyright Constantine A.Trypanis, 1971. Reproduced by permission of Penguin Books Ltd.


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