Douglas Clark: Durham Poems, Arrowhead Press, Darlington

This book was instigated by Sally Evans of Poetry Scotland who asked me to email her my Durham Poems, as I had grown up only a few miles from her in County Durham. They were spotted on the email list by the editors of Arrowhead Poetry, Joanna Boulter and Roger Collett, who asked if they could publish them. Naturally I agreed because it is pleasant to have hometown recognition.

The poems are basically a compilation from my Benjamin Press books and my Salzburg University Press book Wounds with the addition of a poem from the Stride anthology edited by William Oxley. Some other earlier and later poems were added for completion.

The list of poems in Durham Poems is....

Arrowhead Press has a website and the book may be ordered online from Independent Northern Publishers. My own website may be found at Douglas Clark's Home Page giving full details of my other publications. All my poetry is available there.

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