It is night
And there are no dreams left.
The front door remains unlocked
Waiting for the visitor who never comes.

I have spent the evening
Listening to Dylan and watching Hans Sachs:
Dirge and the third act of Meistersinger.
I dont want to sleep forever.

Days were lifetime's ocean,
Morning woke fresh with sun's up.
With love out of the window
I devote myself to pain.

Spinoza's biological view
Kickstarted the Enlightenment,
No Heaven; No Hell; No progress in evolution;
We all return to dust.

I remember the Ballachulish ferry
And how we drove round the loch to avoid it.
There is a bridge now
And no escape.

A little cat to outlive me
Sits on me purring.
Will the last person on the planet
Please switch out the light.

Scribbled down in the Raven

Life is so short.
I am sixtythree 
And only yesterday I was in love.
Now I wait to die.

Perennial theme

Life is meaningless,
All that matters is getting your drink down you.

Twisted, as my mother said

I have always been true to my true nature
But my true nature is evil.

Douglas Clark /Poems06/ Benjamin Press, 69 Hillcrest Drive, Bath BA2 1HD, UK/ d.g.d.clark@dgdclynx.plus.com