Like an empty bird cage
Just being, only being, no meaning.
Mousetrapped in a maze
An enigma blinding reason.

Hollow this time of satirety
Being in a place of silence
Hopeless it is entirely
Cobwebs cocooning all entity.

Colourless rain falls to form a puddle
In it an image, bent and muddled.
Saddened jaded porcelain
Merely fragments with stone,
I resistantly entwined
Stark, Motionless, Alone.

Dawn Story

You dream't a surgeon came,
And with much pain
Severed off your feet.
All this, on a night I slept beside you.

I was not in your dream
Nor the screams of amputtee's.
Yet pale white faces I did see
Showing me your feet.
All this, on a night I slept beside you.


You confided, saying silence is your wish
I'll write giving silence as my gift,
But when I send it to you
You'll say this silence is a poem
And throw away my gift.
I'll never fill your wish
With my paper drifting in the mist.

If I said

If I said I shall kill for flesh
Handing you a chicken bone to wish
Would you give me an opportunity to wish.

If I said I had slit my wrist
Handing you the blood stained razor
Would you cleanse me or continue with the razor.

If I said I had killed a man
Handing you my trembling hand
Would you comfort me and take my sinful hand.

If I said I loved your lover
Handing you a poem of devotion
Would your eyes smile, giving me your devotion.

I have done these things and more
I'm broken now, please lead me to the door,
Do not leave me here in fragments on the floor.

Suburban Evening

A play, plays to itself on the picture box
An immoral poet sings of his hatred for Emily
And his disgust of his devotee Jacko!
He drinks snaps, then talks of his bodily inclinations
An entertainer with detail of his sordid creation.
Meanwhile hail beats into the coolite fire
Duncan grunts and rattles his magazine
His wife rapidly knits and stares at the senseless screen
Outside cats rummage through the dustbins
Brother Joe shakes dust from his pipe
And daughter Lucy darns the hole in her tights
Unnoticed ---
The play, plays on in the heat of the throbbing box
Jacko displays his love for Emily
Emily sobs as the poet pierces Jacko's heart
Banjo in hand, he says how love plays no part.
The play ends.

Loving Carol

Let me tenderly caress you with
this devoted love of mine.
I wish to slip my fingertips between
the insides of your soft and heated
thighs. They will rise to me in
sensual rhythmic time.
It is then I know that juice
spills to moisten and water
your swollen lips.
Like the sprinkling of showers
upon the petals of beautiful flowers
So you sprinkle upon your delicate,
but delightful forest.

Sweetheart each night you give
your precious gift to me,
As droplets of dew cover and
thus engulf a tree
So does your liquid of love dangle
softly amid your forestry.
I am entranced, dazed and
crazed at such, this awe of
wonderment and beauty.

Oh! Let me taste your 
succulent honey
For I know when you feel it coming
And all of this for me.
Between your legs - You are the
hive and I the contented
purring buzzing bee.
Proudly erect, erotically betwixt
your hive I wish to be
then warmly, safe and content -
Our peace.