Ann Scorgie's poems

Ann Scorgie was born during WW2, in 1941, in Berkshire, and later moved to North London. She worked for London publishers for some years before going to the University of Kent as a mature student. After graduating she contracted MS, which she has now had for 17 years. She has lived in Bath since the early 80s and became an early member of Bath Writers' Workshop. She has been a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba for around 10 years and has visted his ashram in India several times.

Ann Scorgie gives a yearly Poetry Reading in Bath and I am grateful that she has released this selection of her poems which chart her progress through life.

A second section of Ann Scorgie's Sai Baba poems has now been added.

Six Sai Baba poems are added from 2000 and four Sai Baba poems from her trip to India in 2001.

Now we have Ann Scorgie's Sai Baba poems:

And here are some new Sai Baba poems from 2000:

And from Ann's trip to India in 2001: